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by Rohan

YouTube videos may be downloaded and stored on a device using YT1s . Downloads come in a range of formats and quality levels. Users may download YouTube videos via the newly created website A wide range of users exist.  Additionally, individuals utilize Yt1s all around the world to save copies of the movies they have posted and to watch films on devices devoid of online browsers.

Additionally, Yt1s enables viewers to see films in their entirety via a variety of internet connections. Instead of using a web browser, you may utilize, which performs identical functionality for user-uploaded videos. Additionally, Yt1s commercial DRM mechanisms used by subscription video services to encrypt video streams prevent our website from decrypting them.

What is Yt1s Website ? 

Downloads of YouTube content are available on the doubtful website This website will convert YouTube video URLs into files in the MP3 or MP4 3GP formats so users may store them. employs shady advertising networks in addition to breaking copyright laws. Yt1s site may include harmful and dubious sites that users may be compelled to open or be redirected to. This is why avoiding and related websites is strongly suggested.

All the Feature of Yt1s

Quick & Simple to Use

This method is the quickest and simplest way to download and convert any YouTube video to MP3 or MP4 format. After copying and entering the YouTube URL into the search box, click the Convert button. You do not require an account.

Without a Download Limitation

YouTube videos may be downloaded and converted as often as you’d like for free.

Every platform is supported.

All platforms for devices are supported. Using Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or an iPhone, it’s simple to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files.

Support all file formats

It supports all audio and video formats. You can easily convert YouTube videos into a number of other formats using it, including MP3, 3GP, MP4, FLV, WMA, M4A, WEBM, MO, and MP3.

Cloud Protection

It allows you to upload the converted files to Google Drive and Dropbox.

YT1s : Advantages and Disadvantages

Easy and Quick to Use

If you want to download YouTube videos without having to create an account as with other downloaders, this website is a great choice.

The download speed is also really fast. You don’t have to launch YouTube to get going. You may go directly to this application and use the search box to enter the name of your favorite video. The user may then quickly download the video after that.


As we are all aware, YouTube is a well-liked program. Using the YouTube app, you may download videos. But only Premium users are permitted to utilize Yt1s. You must pay a charge each month to subscribe, though.

The program is not as well-known as Yt1s‘s YouTube downloader. Additionally, Yt1s provides free download features. Users may download numerous types of content in a range of sizes for no cost at all. As long as the file is still in the phone’s memory, you are free to open it wherever you are and whenever you choose.


It is a great resource for downloading different types of videos. Many people utilize the capability of the YouTube downloader Yt1s to subscribe several times. You may download an unlimited amount of films from this reputable site even though Yt1s is free.

Even if you use Yt1s Youtube Downloader frequently, there are no additional fees because all of the functions are free to use.


Users are less likely to take use of their options on most free websites since they tend to pay less attention to user security. You don’t need to be concerned about security because one of the advantages of this top downloader is that it is malware-free and 100 percent safe.

Yt1s has no shortcomings. Yt1s is simple to download and use to download the videos. Additionally, Yt1s is secure to use; more on this in the section that follows.

Is it Safe and Legal to Use Yt1s ?

An online YouTube downloader called enables users to save and save their preferred YouTube videos. Users may also decide whether to convert their videos into audio or other formats. Despite the fact that is usually regarded as secure, we caution our customers against using YouTube download services.

Every time you try to enter, there’s a chance that you’ll encounter a variety of obnoxious pop-ups and adverts. Additionally, if you want to utilize websites like and others like it, be careful not to believe the pop-ups and adverts. We may also infer that downloading any of the apps you can download from them might be a bad idea since you might unintentionally download pop-up ads, browser hijackers, or other unwanted software.

How can I download YouTube videos using

With only one click, Yt1s enables you to download YouTube video material. Yt1s downloads and transforms video files. The delivery of MP4 files or other MP3 formats doesn’t need to wait till later. If you want to access your favorite YouTube videos even while you are not at home, just follow these easy instructions.

  • You may make things easier by pasting the YouTube URL into the search field. To find your favorite video, you may also utilize Google’s built-in search function.
  • The format in which you want to export your video, next.
  • To download music mp3s or videos with a resolution of up to 4k, click the download icon.
  • The application will need some time to download and convert the video file to your computer.


YT1s was a free web program that let people download videos from YouTube. Yt1s is a simple and cost-free solution to download YouTube videos. Yt1s claimed to support a wide range of devices and contain all different video formats, with no restrictions on how many videos you may download.


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