What is a Cool Cat NFT? 

by Rohan

Cool Cats is a line of 10,000 cat-based NFTs with over 300,000 randomly generated unique elements, such as hats, bodies, faces, and clothing which is built on ethereum blockchain. The holders of Cool Cats have access to special events including NFT claims, raffles, community giveaways, and more. 


The beginning of CryptoPunks actually inspired and initiated the design and development inspiration for Cool Cats. CryptoPunks were developed by Larva Labs, a group of NFT tech entrepreneurs, and had randomly generated features. There are four members of the Cool Cats group. The expert in blockchain and smart contracts is Tom Williamson (xtremetom). The website’s manager and developer is Rob Mehew (Lynqoid). The creative director is Evan Luza (ELU). The figure of Cool Cats was first created by artist Colin Egan (“Clon”), who called himself “The Catoonist” and offered his drawings for sale to the general public. 

Cool Cats earned a significant endorsement from Mike Tyson just eight days after its release. The boxing legend contributed to Cool Cats and himself being well-known members of the NFT community by changing his Twitter PFP to a Cool Cat. Present-day prominent Cool Cats owners include Reese Witherspoon, Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, and DJ Steve Aoki. Today, a large number of the audience considers this can NFTs cool not just because of the name but also due to diversity. 

The holders get access to airdrops, priority minting for all upcoming Cool Cats projects, access to online and live Cool Cats events, as well as a non-exclusive license to the NFT they possess. They also get an exclusive role in the Discord.

By October 2021, the average price of Cool Cats had risen to around 26 ETH per NFT, or almost $93,000 per unit. Even Times Square featured advertisements for the collection.

The NFT community referred to the cool cats as a “blue chip” collection, a moniker reserved for the most exclusive and expensive NFTs, such as the celebrity-favored Bored Ape Yacht Club and the pastel-washed Doodles. Except for a few famous public figures, few significant people have expressed interest in the Cool Cats initiative while more and more well-known individuals are talking about NFTs.

Why are cats considered cool ? 

A fundamental degree of “cool,” or three or four points, is present in about half of the can NFTs cool. Some Cats are “wild,” “classy,” and even “exotic,” as seen in the graph below. This label increases the value of Can NFTs cool significantly. Obviously, not every Cool Cat is made equally. In reality, some are considerably cooler (more uncommon) than others. Even while the ranking system is reminiscent of CryptoPunks and even CryptoSkulls, any member of the Cool Cats community will be happy to inform you that every single cat is a Cool Cat.

How you can buy a cool cat NFT ? 

The procedure consists of three easy steps. To begin, users must create a digital wallet that communicates with the blockchain. Secondly, users require ETH (Ethereum) in their wallets in order to fund the transaction. Thirdly, customers must buy the product and pay the transaction fee. The only place where these NFTs can be obtained is the secondary market. 

A Cool Cats NFT costs approximately 0.02 Ethereum at the time of minting, which was roughly equal to $50 in US currency at the time. The average price of the NFT line is presently 0.75 ETH, but this is anticipated to rise as demand grows.

Ethereum must be used in order to complete the transaction when buying a Cool Cat. Users on MetaMask have the choice to exchange several cryptocurrencies for ETH or to simply buy ETH using a debit card. It is crucial to remember that in order for this transaction to succeed, a “gas fee” must be paid because a miner must verify the transaction and be compensated for their efforts. Miners are paid for their effort, therefore a lot of energy is needed for the entire operation. As long as the address of the digital wallet is connected, users also have the opportunity to buy ETH through Coinbase, which is a pretty straightforward process.

Cool cats NFTs are further classified into the following category tiers. Every tier has a unique cat with a different number of points. 

  • Cool  (4,600 cats) with 3 to 4 points
  • Wild (3,000 cats) with 5 to 6 points
  • Classy (1,750 cats) with 7 to 8 points
  • Exotic ( 649 cats) with 9 to 10 points

Can you breed these cats?

NFT breeding is an intriguing idea that entails developing new NFTs from those you already possess. By enabling you to produce your own NFTs, breeding expands your opportunities as an owner. They will randomly blend the traits possessed by the parents into each NFT they produce. The system that the Cool Cats platform will employ has not yet been determined, although it is anticipated that it will be comparable. This Gen 2 feature is soon expected to be available on the platform. 

The social token that is used in the Cool Cats ecosystem is $MILK. Purchasing pet chests, battle chests, housing chests, participating in quests, and potential gamification are just a few of the things that require $MILK.

Are cool cats NFT related to NBA Top shots? 

Cool Cats’ NFTs are not connected to NBA Top Shots. NBA Top Shots launched a pack dubbed “Cool Cats,” which is probably a riff on CryptoKitties, Dapper Lab’s first commercially successful NFT line (creators of NBA Top Shots). Customers who purchase a “Cool Cat” pack can obtain rare, officially-licensed NBA video highlights. Five of the “Cool Cats” NFTs, which are uncommon, notable NBA highlights, are included in the Top Shots pack. People received the Base Set of NFTs, which were less precious and more common, but some of them were valuable and had low serial numbers, which considerably increased their value. 

This is all for today. We tried to cover almost everything on can NFTs cool/ cool cats NFT. 


This is all about can NFTs Cool. Hopefully this article helped you for finding the things your looking for. Humans have been captivated by cats since the Egyptian era and it seems that this human nature has followed us to the blockchain. 


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