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by Rohan

It is basically a portal or service from which you can see clips of TikTok. It is also used to download the clip from TikTok. We are going to discuss everything about urlebird in this article. So if you wish to learn about URLEBIRD, then keep reading! 

Strangely , Urlebird uploads clips of TikTok in their webpage without having approval, which is against the terms of service. As Urlebird is utilizing their clips without their approval, many TikTok content creators are disappointed. To ban Urlebird, there’s also a petition. Some TikTok users claim that even if their profiles are private, Urlebird makes it simple to access their stuff. This makes them really upset about this, and that is why they want the Urlebird website to be taken down.


This website is not safe , just because they repost clips from any TikTok content creator without seeking approval from them on their webpage. It makes obvious sense that many TikTok users and content creators would want Urlebird to be taken down right away, but nobody is actually doing anything about it.

The reason UrleBird is so well-liked these days is fairly obvious. They generate a tonne of money by posting other people’s TikTok content onto their own website. They just upload the creator’s posts and videos to their website, replicate them, and monetize them with advertisements.


It is not exactly known how Urlebird gained access to user accounts on TikTok. Furthermore, it seems that they have access to a few secret TikTok accounts. Additionally, they put everyone’s content on their website. Because Urlebird is separate from TikTok, users of that platform are unable to submit complaints about its videos and contents. If a TikTok user is unsatisfied with their content showing on Urlebird, regrettably, Urlebird does not respond in a sensible way. Many TikTok content creators are worried about the fact that if they have access to their account, it would not be very surprising that they might harm their account and post any illegal stuff into their main account. This might harm their privacy and self respect too. And the fact should be noted that, anything you upload on TikTok will also be shared on Urlebird. It is assumed that they have access to many accounts or they might have hacked some accounts  and posted their clips on their webpage.

Is Urlebird Actually Interesting? Is it beneficial? 

I have now briefly discussed Urlebird and what it is and does. Personally, I don’t like generating money by taking other people’s stuff. Yet, you are still free to use this website if you wish, and I’ll discuss some favorable circumstances regarding that.

  • Use of Urlebird can be wise if you reside in a region where TikTok is illegal or banned  and is  inaccessible.
  • You can utilize Urlebird to see someone’s Tik Tok clip secretly if you wish to. 
  • By using Urlebird, you may also download TikTok clips.


Irrespective  of the fact that I have given, if anyone is interested to use this platform then there are few simple steps which need to be followed.

Simply open it by typing urlebird.com into your browser. You can see a few options available after entering their webpage.

  • At first there is a trending section in the webpage.You can easily watch trending videos at the trending section.
  • Next, there is the  videos section . The most recent clips posted on TikTok are seen when you open it. The uploading time difference between TikTok and Urlebird is very small.
  • After that Hashtags is the next section. The most trending hashtags used on TikTok can be found here. You can view the content that includes such hashtags by simply opening them. 
  • The next one is the Music section. You can easily go through the newest and most popular TikTok music here.
  • At last there is aDownloader section as our final choice. To download a TikTok video or clips, just simply paste its URL into the search bar and download it.

Using UrleBird will allow you to quickly and easily browse and explore TikTok in a new way. You can improve and analyze your TikTok clips as a viewer for the app. By utilizing different sections provided by the webpage, you can enjoy the contents of  TikTok very easily. On the website’s home page, there are many unique components. Their webpage, urlebird.com, has a search bar. In this search box, you can type in @user or #hash. A list of well-liked videos is then available for viewing. There is a list of prominent users on their webpage as well. The list of most popular hashtags is a significant part of this webpage. You may check out the video clips and trending hashtags for popular hashtags. Which you can use to create your own video clips  using the hashtag . Additionally, you can use these hashtags to evaluate the effectiveness of the videos.


Although TikTok is prohibited in some nations,residents of those nations can nevertheless see the app’s clips and even download them using Urlebird. For example TikTok is permanently  in India but many people use UrleBird and many more such websites to watch and enjoy the contents of TikTok. Because Urlebird allows you to watch clips on TikTok secretly, it might be useful for some of you. But because this platform merely utilizes many TikTok content creators’ videos without their approval, this makes the creators really unhappy and worried . Even though some of the users I’m referring  to are those who  have private accounts, Urlebird can still host their stuff into their website. People have different positive as well as negative opinions based on their experiences. Numerous people have complained that Urlebird is using their personal information without their  permission which is illegal. Some contend that their privacy is being violated. People have also complained that they are very much annoyed because the platform still allows access to their deleted recordings.


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