Trezor one vs Model T

by Rohan

This has always been a question in almost everyone’s mind. The ultimate decision between trezor one vs Model T. Investors have been unsure on what model they should buy if they’re buying from trezor. In this article, we’re going to see trezor one vs model t. The idea of creating a bitcoin wallet didn’t come out of snap. It was a need. A need felt by every crypto investor. 

Trezor One

It is an easier and of the first bitcoin wallets. It is simple and has a quick user interface. The Trezor Model One is a fantastic choice especially for people with the goal of keeping a wide variety of digital data and files without running into any kind of storage problems. The Model One is a fantastic alternative due to its affordable price, simplicity of setup, and user-friendly interface.

Trezor Model T

It is a much more upgraded version of Trezor Wallets. It combines powerful technology with next generation wallets. The Trezor Model T is a fantastic choice for people that interact and trade digital assets like NFTs and cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. 

In Trezor One, it is simple to set up using a USB cable that is plugged into your computer with two buttons that let you physically confirm all the transactions. There are benefits to be had from choosing to upgrade to the Trezor Model T, but the Trezor One may certainly do the job for anyone who wishes to keep their cryptocurrency assets in a secure manner. Trezor Model T is restored by simply using the touchscreen while it is required to input from a computer in Trezor one. You can also monitor your keystroke inputs here, and hackers can use that to acquire your personal information.

Trezor One vs Model T

The main differences between the Model-T and the T-One are the color touchscreen and absence of physical buttons. The Trezor Model-T has a similar footprint to the Trezor -One. Even on infected devices by malware, the T-One hardware wallet is made to be utilized securely but this is not recommended. 


Trezor One and Trezor Model T both have a plastic back design which protects them from any external damage and makes them unsusceptible to injury. They have been well tried and tested to suffer floor damage. 

Trezor One is small when compared to Trezor Model T. The size of Trezor One varies near about 2.36 x 1.18 x 0.27 inches. Trezor Model T is comparatively heavier and slightly higher than the Trezor One Model. The size of the Trezor Model T is 2.52in x 1.54in x 0.39 inches. 


Trezor one has a built-in 128×64 pixel OLED display. There are two buttons on the Trezor that you can use to navigate the system. Trezor Model T has a key benefit of a color touchscreen. The wider screen improves security during the recovery seed process and greatly improves usability and accessibility. The entire mechanism can be performed from the screen, thus there is no need for any buttons. 


Both of the Trezor One and Trezor Model T devices can be connected to smartphones, but only the Trezor One has native support for USB-C connections. So, carrying an extra cord with you wherever you go just so you may spend some cryptocurrency from your mobile device is still a pretty inconvenient activity due to the lack of bluetooth functionality found in both of these gadgets. 

How Trezor Models Works and can you actually trust Trezor ?

Trezor is a reliable hardware wallet that secures your digital assets much better than a software wallet does. You might still retrieve your digital assets using your seed phrase even if Trezor failed or you misplaced your Trezor wallet. Trezor stores your private keys, which give you access to your crypto assets, offline, away from the reach of hackers. Trezors operate by using a USB cable to connect to your computer, and they need physical confirmations of every transaction.

How can you Set Up your Device? 

  1. Connect your Trezor device to your computer using a USB cord to begin the setup process. Push until you hear a faint click.
  2. After the connection of your wallet , you have to visit the site given below and choose the Model of the device you’re working on.
  1. Next step to follow is press download on Trezor Bridge. Then you have to install the Trezor Bridge. Trezor Bridge makes your device and computer initiate the connection. 
  2. Install the firmware. It is to be noted that if the firmware is not already downloaded in the device, the device should not be used. 
  3. Make a new wallet. The Trezor Device will provide a fresh, distinctive seed containing all of your accounts and addresses. You’re ready to go! 


It is nearly impossible to guess what type of trezor wallet is best suited for you. In the end it all comes down to the fact which one do you like more. The new model surely has many features but a big crowd chooses the old one over the new model. Both of the Trezor wallets offer security and Safety and are very easy to set up. It should also be taken into account that some cryptocurrencies are only supported in Model T and not in Trezor One. This includes ADA and XRP. But Trezor One still supports  1000+ cryptos. So if you prefer trading in some specific cryptos then you should definitely consider Trezor Model T. 

At the end of the day, the fact stays the same. Which device you’re comfortable with. You can choose any if you’re too confused then we suggest you to go through the article once again and clear your thoughts. But if you prefer dealing in specific cryptocurrencies and also prefer having new latest models, Trezor Model T can be a good choice. We tried to cover and list all the details regarding Trezor One vs Model T. 


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