Top 8 NFT Gaming Influencers in 2022

by Rohan

Do you remember the first time you tried to play a game? Do you remember if you succeed? Did your group succeed? Don’t you agree that all of the games we’ve played throughout the years bring back a lot of sweet memories for us? For many players, video games go beyond the screen and the device. It’s an emotion. 

A gamer actively contributes to a games promotion by researching and regularly playing a game. While some prefer to play one game for extended periods of time, others enjoy checking out several games at once. Few players will desire a more captivating and engaging experience.  

You might have heard about NFT gaming. The ownership of a special asset is represented by NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. The creation of an NFT is possible with everything from audio and video clips to digital art. How did these NFTs affect gaming, then? The introduction of NFT into Gaming world has created a new model of gaming called the play-to-earn games or P2E. 

In contrast to NFT gaming, which focuses on utilising native currencies to create and accumulate one-of-a-kind NFTs that may be used in-game for special actions or saved and subsequently sold, crypto gaming is more focused on using cryptocurrencies to earn and transact with other players. 

What is an NFT influenceur gaming ? 

An NFT influencer has past experience funding, developing, or publicizing NFTs. The majority of influencers don’t just offer insight into NFTs. Followers can also learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Top influenceur gaming are listed below :- 

Alex Becker 

Alex Beker is a well-known, multifaceted web marketer who has succeeded and keeps investing his money in ventures he thinks will make him millions while he follows his interests. Alex is an America based entrepreneur who is also an author and a speaker. He is one of the few who understand the way of playing this game of crypto. He claims himself to be aggressively confident on Illuvium and axie infinity. In addition, he has his own business-related YouTube channel, which initially gained notoriety for its propensity to give SEO tips but now draws a more diverse and expansive following.

Currently he has 261 Videos and 13.1 lakh subscribers on YouTube. 

His YouTube link is given below :-

Zueljin Gaming 

Zueljin is a gamer, influencer and an NFT enthusiast. His channel is devoted to all kinds of games, Zueljin Gaming is currently focused on token games and blockchain technology. Nearly all NFT games, including Illivium, Axie Infinity, Last Survivor, and many others, have been covered by the channel. Zueljin Gaming is the best option for P2E games that are just getting started and require precise marketing from a true NFT game specialist because of its extensive YouTube following (over 300k subscribers) and focus on promoting NFT games. He is one of the top influenceur gaming .

Currently he has 4.4k Videos and 3.19 lakh subscribers on YouTube. 

His YouTube link is given below :-

Coin Bureau

Guy Portfolio also known as Coin bureau is one of the few most influential gamers in crypto market. It serves as a reliable source of information about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Guy is a very knowledgeable crypto enthusiast who has made it his mission to provide users all over the world with the best instructional and informational blockchain content through his YouTube channel, dedicated portal, and Twitter handle. Any NFT gaming project that is the subject of a thorough assessment and analysis may be found here on his YouTube channel without exception. He is renowned for making precise project predictions after reading and analysing the project’s whitepaper. If you want to be among the first to learn about projects that are about to take off before anybody else, follow him. He is another famous influenceur gaming.

Currently he has 799 Videos and 21.4 lakh subscribers on YouTube. 

His YouTube link is given below :-


Ignas is authentic, credible, trustworthy and gives up-to-date information and news happening in the NFT gaming world. He is one of the peak level influencer gaming. People claim that he does his own research and then formulates critical and authentic perspectives. Ignas is concentrating on studying GameFi’s financial models and learning the workings of the gaming industry. 

Currently he has 6 Videos and 1.39k subscribers on YouTube. 

His YouTube link is given below :-

Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter is the go-to live streaming, news, educational bitcoin, NFT blockchain and crypto currency channel. To guarantee that their audience gets the best facts on which to base their judgments in this highly speculative field, their staff operate at the highest standards of journalism, education, ethics, and integrity. You may find high quality informative videos on both of their YouTube and Twitter platforms. Currently he has 1.2k videos and 5.82 lakh subscribers on YouTube. 

His YouTube link is given below :-

Jake Browatzke

Jake Browatzke, also popularly known as On Chain Gaming , loves to invest in NFT and crypto based games. Jake is 26 years old and remarkably talented in the field of NFT gaming and influencing. The unique section of the How-Tos videos is where Jack demonstrates how to participate in various blockchain-based games. These movies are quite in-depth, and the appropriate replacement is still not available online.

Currently he has 296 videos and 1.3 lakh subscribers on YouTube. 

His YouTube link is given below :-

The Game Theorists 

MatPat also known as The Game Theorists are one of the top NFT gaming influencers. The market in which The Game Theorists specialise is ideal for strategy games with complicated winning strategies. Any P2E brand may work with them and experience The Game Theorists’ brilliance as they take the P2E game to a new level. The channel has attracted a large sum of audience following interests in learning more about the science, technology, history, and tales behind games. 

Currently he has 670 videos and 1.62 crore subscribers on YouTube. 

His YouTube link is given below :-

Play to Earn 

More than a million people in the cryptocurrency community believe in Play and Earn. NFTs, cryptocurrency, P2Es, DeFi, and Bitcoin forecasts are the focus of this channel. New GameFi projects seek out the channel Play and Earn because they can produce popular in-depth review videos.

Currently he has 75 videos and 1.21k subscribers on YouTube. 

His YouTube link is given below :-


This is everything about influenceur gaming. Crypto gaming is still in its infancy and is just beginning to evolve as it’s still not very popular and many people have numerous second thoughts before giving this a try. In this stage of progression, there are still a number of significant milestones to reach that will pave the way for the future of cryptocurrency and NFT gaming. The community will expand, the development environment will advance, more money will come in, and more venture capitalists’ interest will be evident.


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