The Oportun Visa Credit Card Review

by Rohan

Want to get a small loan for your business or kid’s study purpose? Having problems getting the loans from different banks because of poor income or low credit score? 

These days getting a loan has really become tough. First we have to verify our details, then wait for the loan approval for months or even years. What if our loan request is rejected? That becomes a sheer waste of our effort.

Don’t worry, that’s why we are here. There’s plenty of ways to get loans with low income or credit scores.

Let’s see how! In this article, we are going to write and discuss The Oportun Visa Credit Card Review, its eligibility, facilities, how it can help you, etc. We hope that this article will provide you with all the necessary information that you’re looking for. 

What is Oportun ?

So before talking about The Oportun Visa Credit Card Review, let’s know about what this Oportun is –

Oportun is a financial services company. It assists by giving hardworking individuals responsible consumer finance via a digital platform. Oportun has extended more than 4 million loans till now, and over $10 billion in affordable credit, providing an alternative way to payday and other title loans to its customers. Oportun has been certified as a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) since 2009, an A + rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and a Best consumer lending product by Fintech Breakthrough.

About the Oportun Visa Credit Card

The Oportun Visa Credit Card offers starting credit lines up-to $1000, unlike other card products. The Oportun Visa Credit Card is available to all hardworking and financially responsible individuals, unlike the other card types, which are exclusively available to those with little or no traditional credit history. The business has also assisted a lot of people in building credit histories. The card provides access to funds, building faster credit, and an entry point to other financial services.

Some things to know about the Credit Card

  • The card is a good option for credit beginners as even If we are lacking a Social Security number or a bank account, even lacking credit history doesn’t get in the way of getting this card.
  • These Credit Cards don’t need many requirements as the other traditional credit cards do. If you have a credit history, it’s good. The score is considerable. But even if you don’t, Oportun’s proprietary technology looks at the other important data such as bank account information, income, your profession, etc.
  • You do not need a bank account or a Social Security number to be eligible for these cards.
  • There can be an annual fee feature but there’s no Security deposit as it isn’t a secured credit card. Depending on your credit worth the annual fee can be up to $29.
  • Any credit card limit is dependable upon your credit worth. But The Oportun Visa Credit Card still offers a decent credit limit for all. They also conduct reviews to decide your eligibility for you to get an increase in credit limit.

Who is eligible for these Cards ?

So before getting a Credit Card the first thing we need to know is the eligibility criteria. Right? If you don’t even know what the criteria is, how would you know if you’re eligible or not ?

So let’s see what criteria is there for The Oportun Visa Credit Card

  • The first criteria in order to be eligible for these credit cards is that one must be over 18 years of age.
  • We need to be a resident of the US in order to apply for an Oportun credit card or loan.
  • Even if we’re not US residents. It’s not that much of a problem. For that we need proof. We may also need some essential documents like valid ID cards.
  • We will need up to four referrals and also an income proof.

Oportun Visa Credit Card Review Pros and Cons

The AI technology that powers Oportun is improving people’s lives. However, let’s look at the Pros and Cons of Oportun first before you decide whether to trust it.


  • Pre qualify with a soft credit check.
  • Not restricted to the U.S audience and is accepted worldwide. 
  • You don’t need any credit score, good income, or good credit history. 
  • You can apply for loans also. Here you can get small loans starting at $300 and upto $6000. 
  • Reported Zero fraud. Availability of management round-the-clock. You have a variety of payment options, including cash, phone, online, and even mail.


  • There aren’t any options for you to change your payment dates. 
  • It offers a higher interest rate/year than the other financial services.
  • May charge an origination fee.
  • No mobile apps are allowed to manage your loan payments.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which bank does the Oportun Visa Credit Card use?

WebBank manages the issue of The Oportun Visa Credit Card. And the company also partnered with MetaBank. 

Does Oportun affect credit scores?

To determine your loan eligibility and the maximum amount you can borrow, they have a prequalification application. Your credit ratings remain unaffected.

Does this Credit Card give credit increases ?

After giving on-time payments for a few months, the issuer may consider you for a higher credit limit.

Can I use this Card in an ATM ?

The Oportun Visa Credit Card cash advance fee is 3% per transaction.When using a credit card to make an ATM cash withdrawal, an advance fee is assessed.

Is this Company legit ?

For those with a weak credit history, the Oportun Visa Credit Card is a reliable option. in order to help those who desire to raise their credit score. given that it is required to submit account information to the major credit bureaus each month. The Oportun Card’s potential value, however, is contingent on the applicant’s annual cost, which can range from $0 to $49. The annual charge is determined by each applicant’s total creditworthiness. We hope that you found and recieved all information related to The Oportun Visa Credit Card Review in this article.


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