The NFT Community Is Booming – Here Are The Top Communities To Join!

by Rohan

In the last few months, the number of NFT communities and active users has increased dramatically, which means there are now more opportunities to interact with other NFT enthusiasts and share the experience of collecting these digital assets. 

On this page, we’ll list some of the best NFT community platforms available, so you can join in on the fun and chat with like-minded collectors! Just as you’d need to download an app to play Pokemon Go or collect CryptoKitties, you’ll need to use one of these platforms to interact with and use your NFTs.

Introduction of NFT

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that cannot be replaced. They’re often used to represent items in games or virtual worlds but can also use them for things like art, music, and other forms of digital media. Many people who join the NFT community choose to use Discord servers to communicate with others. 

There are various types of communities and channels on Discord, so it’s essential to do your research before joining one. For instance, if you want help trading NFTs with others on discord servers, then find a server where people engage in these conversations. This blog post has compiled a list of some top nft community discord servers today!

NFT Communities and Their Value

NFT community are online communities of like-minded individuals who come together to discuss all things related to non-fungible tokens. These communities provide a valuable space for exchanging information and ideas and can be a great place to meet other collectors and enthusiasts.

Why Are NFT Community Important?

NFT communities are important because they provide a space for collectors, creators, and enthusiasts to connect. They also offer support and advice for those new to the world of NFTs. Additionally, these communities can be great places to find deals on NFTs. 

Finally, joining an NFT community can help support this burgeoning industry’s continued growth and development. As such, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best NFT communities that exist out there. You can join any or all of them, depending on your preferences. Here are some of the top NFT community Discord servers.

Join 9+ NFT Community Now and Boom Your Career

The advent of Non-Fungible Tokens has given rise to a new era of digital collectables. 

Every day, more users are introduced to the idea of non-transferable digital assets. And with this trend growing increasingly popular, there’s never been a better opportunity for developers to get involved. 

With so many NFT communities sprouting up, it can be challenging to know where to begin. We’ve created this list of 9+ NFT communities you should join today and Boom your career.

1. World of Women

There is a massive underrepresentation of women in the NFT sector, as in most other tech industries. In recent years, World of Women has reached many female celebrities who have World of Women NFTs on their online profiles.

Women and men are represented in the community, but the prevailing theme is female empowerment. If you’re interested in working on innovative projects with open-minded women in technology, this Discord is for you.

2. Vee Friends

Regarding getting started with NFTs, Vee Friends is a top choice for beginners. The company’s founder, Gary Vee, predicted the rise of the internet, social media, and the evolution of these technologies. Our lives have become increasingly dependent on the internet, as he expected.

3. Deadfellaz

Hundreds of undead NFTs have been collected in Deadfellaz on the Ethereum blockchain. There are different bodies, heads, mouths, noses, eyes, and charges on each Deadfellaz. These zombie-themed NFTNFT holders can access events, new collections, and other benefits with these zombie-themed NFTs labelled “The Horde”.

Despite its name, the Deadfellaz community is positive and welcoming and has gained much traction in the NFT industry. Founded by Betty, the community quickly became one of the most significant NFT communities.

4. Cool Cats NFTs

On the Ethereum blockchain, Cool Cats NFTs are created programmatically. Around 10,000 cats are assembled with distinct body types, hats, faces, and clothing options from over 300,000 votes.

Interactivity, utility, growth, and collaboration are part of the Cool Cat ecosystem. The Cool Cats NFTs Discord community is a great place to start learning more about Cool Cats NFTs and other crypto art developments.

5. Art Blocks

In Art Blocks, programmable generative content is available on demand. After a buyer specifies the style and payment, an algorithm generates a random version of the content to be sent to your Ethereum account.

The result could be anything from a single image to a 3D model to an interactive experience. Due to its algorithmic nature, each one is unique and captivating.

6. Lucky Maneki

Maneki project was created by a group of copywriters, artists, blockchain engineers, and NFT enthusiasts. This small team aimed to create engaging NFT collectables while creating a genuinely decentralized autonomous organization.

The community-driven project includes pay-to-play gaming and licensing intellectual property through high-end merchandise like clothing and liquor. A community of enthusiasts can provide information about the project.

7. OpenSea

An effective marketplace for NFTs is the OpenSea NFT Marketplace. With over a billion monthly transactions, OpenSea hosts over a million users and over 50 million NFTs. OpenSea processes around 90% of NFT transactions.

Artists and creators are not the only ones attracted to the marketplace. Investors are as well. The Discord server, which provides news, educational resources, support, and more, has been joined by over 215,000 people. To get a comprehensive view of NFTs, the OpenSea community is a great place to start.

8. Rarible

NFT marketplace Rarible is the first community-owned platform. It is becoming a self-contained platform with community governance and a creator-centric NFT marketplace to make, sell, and collect digital products.

Various channels help people learn and stay current on trends and updates on the Discord server, which currently boasts over 40,000 members.

9. Larva Labs

The CryptoPunk and Autoglyphs projects made Larva Labs famous. Larva Lab hosts professional and experimental brand projects with people from prestigious companies like Google and Microsoft. To keep up with changes, join the Larva Labs server if you’re part of the crypto art community.

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