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We discovered a couple of things regarding the Sun God Nika and therefore the devil fruit that relies on him, in One Piece chapter 1044. Rather than Gomu Gomu No Mi, Luffy consumed Hito Hito No Mi – Model: Nika. The lord of 1 Piece simply grew wider as a result of this.

Sun god nika,  spreads joy wherever he travels. In chapter 1044, we have a tendency to discover that Model Nika, not Gomu Gomu no Mi, was the name of Luffy’s fruit. It’s the foremost ludicrous and pointless power alive. Solely forced by its creative thinking. Whereas most are alert to however Luffy is, nobody will predict his creative thinking as a result of it’s sort of a wind of air (not even Kaido).

How does luffy become the sun god nika?

As the Sun God Nika, Luffy awakened his devil fruit, unlocks his Gear fifth kind, which he calls a peak. One in all One Piece’s four gods. One in all the four gods mentioned within the Skypiea plot for the primary time is that the Sun God nika. Within the Noland flashback, we have a tendency to saw folks being killed to prevent the killings that were happening within the hamlet.

Who is nika within the sun god nika ?

Legendary individual Nika was once idolised because the Sun God nika by slaves in precedent days. When hearing about the legend from a jail watchman commanded by the planet Government,Who’s- World Health Organization was the primary publication to create notice of him because of the sun god nika.

What is Hito Hito no Mi, model within the sun god nika?

A legendary Zoan-type Devil Fruit known as the Hito Hito no Mi, Model in sun god nika allows its eater to rely on Nika’s traits and skills. Thanks to this fruit’s power and terrific rousing, that Luffy used against Kaido, the planet Government is extraordinarily intrigued by the sun god nika.

The world government modified the “Hito Hito no Mi” name of sun god nika into “Gomu Gomu no Mi” simply to forestall others from knowing it in sun god nika. Even to the purpose that not even the Four Emperors and their numerous crews seem to remember it.

Except for Who’s-Who.

Although Nika’s precise identity continues to be unknown within the sun god nika, barely visible pictures of him are seen. Like Luffy, he has long, slender limbs, fiery hair, and a large smile.

It’s unclear why he was specifically related to the Sun within the sun god nika, however since the sun god nika is usually an emblem of power and prosperity within the globe, identical could also be aforesaid of them in One PiecePiece. The Sun god nika is usually mentioned as a “warrior of emancipation” as a result of it’s each the supply of life and should be seen as a blinding lightweight.

Who is the real Nika aside from the sun god nika?

Nika would be the Hindu god Surya, typically referred to as the “Sun god,” the Brazilian Sun God Meri, or the Greek god of finish “NIKA.”

Well, Oda has not disclosed the inspiration for the character the sun god Nika. However, plenty of alternative gods within the actual world build references to “Nika” from One Piece.

Here square measures the highest 3 theories for the inspiration behind the character sun god nika. Let’s learn a bit about the sun god nika ‘s initials.

  • The first god who was the inspiration behind sun god nika character is :-

Nike – greek god of finish

Nike is often pictured in ancient icons as beautiful  with wings carrying a palm branch, garland, or Hermes’ staff—all of which have symbolic meaning. She is Victory’s courier, therefore this is often why. On the other hand, her most outstanding feature may be a combination of monumental wings. She was also considered as an inspiration behind sun god nika character.

She is usually pictured as a flying someone with wings, celebrating finish, glory, and fame with laurel wreaths, therefore they were positively essential. Her ability to run quickly and her standing because the most divine Charioteer square measures 2 of her biggest assets additionally to the wings she wears.

Nike, whereas having a beautiful beauty and special abilities, is never mentioned in mythological tales. Within the tale of Zeus and Athena, she generally plays the roles of a fan and helper.

Like “Nika” (the Greek Goddess of Victory), Luffy works in a very connected trade. A bit like “Nika” unremarkably used flying wings, Luffy dotted through the air geared fifth while ducking himself in a very flame cloud.

  • The second god who was the inspiration behind sun god nika character is :-

Brazilian sun god meri

This would be the foremost necessary factor we tend to say regarding Gear fifth Luffy and the way he got the sun god nika character.

  • The third god who was the inspiration behind sun god nika character is :-

Surya—Hindu god, each the ‘Sun’ and also the Sun God

In Hinduism, {surya|Surya|Hindu immortal} is each the Sun and also the Sun deity. Throughout the sacred text amount (1500–5th century BCE), varied alternative deities have familial star characteristics; yet, in later Hinduism, the bulk of those were incorporated into one god. Surya is the subject of various temples throughout India.

Surya- hindu god was also considered as an inspiration behind sun god nika character.

How did Luffy Achieve Gear 5th?

Zunesha refers to Luffy’s heartbeat during this period of unconsciousness as the “Drums of Liberation” after Kaido strikes him in the face and knocks him out.

This form was capable of producing a significant amount of , which killed multiple Beasts Pirates on the Live Floor of the Skull Dome.

  • Joy Boy’s pledge was Made

Gear 5th Luffy needs this connection in order to fulfill Joy Boy’s 900-year-old promise to the residents of Fish-Man Island that he would one day return.

His apologetic letter was written roughly a century after his Poneglyphs, which were produced in the Kozuki Family Kozuki about 800 years prior.

Joy Boy is back, same as in Luffy Gear 5. Remain Joyful and enjoy reading about sun god nika.


So we discussed everything we knew about the sun god nika . There is no record that the sun god nika is a myth or reality in ancient times. But it’s an interesting story of a mythical warrior who was once referred to as the sun god nika.


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