Sidus Heroes Explained 

by Rohan

NFT games are continuously improving and becoming more complex. NFT games, which previously only resembled poor-quality phone games, are starting to resemble fully-fledged games you’d find on one of the three major gaming platforms: Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation, thanks to the industry’s ongoing expansion. SIDUS HEROES is one of the newest initiatives that aims to advance the era of NFTs. 

What are Sidus Heroes?

The SIDUS HEROES project was one of the largest attempts which created a metaverse with a play-to-earn gaming concept. An innovative Web Graphics Library (WebGL) and massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) platform is presented here. It is set in a metaverse space setting at a time when technology and life used to coexist. In the SIDUS HEROES universe, technology has advanced past the point of no return and life as we know it has undergone radical transformations that we would not recognise today. The game gives players the chance to create social, political, and economic alliances inside the game’s ecosystem in addition to the thrill of interplanetary exploration and a combat royale experience. It’s actually a brand-new kind of video game where players can profit from their activities or efforts within the game. Each player now has ownership rights over the in-game items they either acquire as rewards or buy with the platform’s native tokens thanks to the integration of NFTs into its blockchain.

Sidus Heroes was also the first-ever AAA massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with a play-to-earn (P2E) model. A 350-person, seasoned team that includes 150 developers is supporting the game, together with 50 of the top venture capitalists, over 200 partners, and other stakeholders. Sidus checks all the boxes required to produce an excellent AAA crypto game. It has everything it needs from the staff, resources, and funding, to a well-thought-out economy, an excellent technological stack, and an intriguing roadmap that includes proposals to give the community the power to take control of the game and create their own infrastructure. Players are placed into a world that has experienced a significant technological transformation once they enter the metaverse. Characters can farm resources to construct infrastructure and gain strength, buy weapons, engage in combat with monsters or other players to win rewards and level up, run for office to represent their races and advance their interests, construct spaceships, embark on interstellar missions, colonize new planets, and do a lot more. NFTs can be exchanged for real money in Sidus’ market, standing in for all in-game items. The game also has a dual-token economy with the currencies SIDUS and SENATE. The great majority of in-game transactions take place via SIDUS, whilst governance occurs predominantly through SENATE.

How does the game work? 

Players can assemble battling armies, engage in combat with other players in the Arena, or issue dueling challenges to other players. The gameplay features confrontations and wars amongst the races as a result of the many races. In the game SIDUS HEROES, players can build teams with people from all backgrounds to further a common cause. As an alternative, other players can decide to explore the SIDUS HEROES metaverse in search of adventures or transform into space pirates who pillage the virtual oceans. Monsters and other space creatures that can be domesticated, reared, and employed in combat are among the secret treasures that adventurers exploring the SIDUS HEROES world can find. These virtual space animals can be purchased with NFTs and exchanged for other digital assets in the platform’s ecosystem.

Sidus Heroes NFT 

The SIDUS NFT Heroes collection includes 6,000 distinct characters, each of which can have up to 13 attributes. There are 133 different backdrop possibilities, 152 outfit options, 102 planet variations, and 262 alternative skins for each of the 13 attributes.

Sidus Heroes Token 

Sidus uses a dual-token structure, just like the most played cryptocurrency game right now, Axie Infinity, which has nearly 2 million players. Similar to Axie’s SLP, SIDUS is the in-game money, while SENATE is the AXS-like governance token. For those who are familiar with Axie, a weakness in their tokenomics concept resulted in a significant decline in the price of SLP. Character growth and game advancement are reliant on having the token thanks to Sidus’ meticulous integration of SIDUS within the game. This improvement to Axie’s SLP architecture will stop an incident like SIDUS from occurring. Sidus has a long list of agreements with prestigious gaming guilds like Merit Circle and Good Games Guild, which is more evidence of the game’s financial potential.

How are Sidus Heroes  doing now? 

The price of SIDUS HEROES crypto has moved by -$0.000055, which is a change of -3.16% over the period of the last 24 hours at the time of writing this article. The price of SIDUS HEROES crypto is $0.0017 per SIDUS. Statistics reveal that over the last week, the price of SIDUS HEROES crypto has changed by -7.62%. And over the last month, the price of SIDUS HEROES crypto has changed by -27.64% and Over the last year, the price of SIDUS HEROES crypto has changed by -93.35%. Sidus has benefited from being in a position to observe and draw lessons from both triumphs and failures in the crypto gaming industry. This has impacted how they designed their tokenomics. 

Role of Influencers in Sidus Heroes Crypto 

Influencers from numerous other industries have been welcomed by SIDUS HEROS to broaden the team. Anti Fund, which was started by YouTuber and businessman Jake Paul and founder Geoffrey Woo, has several people on the team and investors. The project is also supported by MrBeast, one of the most popular YouTubers, as well as the cryptocurrency influencers Alex Becker and EllioTrade. These influencers, who have a combined following of more than 120 million, will unite and create a sizable global community of viewers.


Sidus has enormous hopes for the future with their excellent staff and funding, well-planned economics, thrilling game with a focus on fun, and intentions to transfer ownership to the community. We’re excited to go along for the trip and are prepared to wager that Sidus might turn out to be utopia if video games are equivalent to virtual nation states.


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