One Piece Chapter 1048 Release, Information and Spoilers on Reddit

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People have gone crazy about one piece 1048 spoilers reddit, as they have blown the internet away with questions. But before getting to know about one piece 1048 spoilers reddit, let’s first get to know about One Piece.

In Japan, the One Piece manga series is written by Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump shonen manga magazine since July 1997. Its component chapters have been compiled into 104 tank-bon volumes as of November 2022. The protagonist of the tale is Monkey D. Luffy, a young man with a body made of rubber after accidentally eating a Devil Fruit. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates explore the Grand Line in search of the “One Piece,” the ultimate treasure, in order to destroy Gol D. as the brand-new Pirate King.

For its humor, character development, artwork, and narrative approach, One Piece has won accolades. One of the greatest manga series ever, it has won numerous awards and is highly acclaimed by critics, reviewers, and readers. Numerous publication records have been broken by the manga series, including the biggest initial print run for a Japanese book. Now let’s look at the synopsis for a better understanding about one piece 1048 spoilers reddit.


In the universe of One Piece, there are various races besides humans, such as giants, dwarves, and fish-men. The four blue seas are additionally divided into north, east, west, and south by a sea called the Grand Line, which is perpendicular to the Red Line. Two enormous oceans encircle it, and the Red Line, a large mountain range, separates the two. Large sea creatures known as sea monarchs have their breeding homes in two regions called Calm Belts, which are situated around the Grand Line and resemble horse latitudes. The calm belts are therefore very effective barriers for anyone attempting to enter the Grand Line. Navy ships are allowed to conceal their existence from the sea monarchs by using a sea-prism stone, according to an intergovernmental organisation known as the World Government, so they can pass through the silent belts without being detected. At the initial junction of the Grand Line and the Red Line, a system of canals known as Reverse Mountain must be used by all other ships, which is a more hazardous route. The four seas’ water pours up that mountain, combines at the summit, and then descends a fifth canal into the first half of the Grand Line, which is known as Paradise because of the distinctions between it and the second half. The second half of the Grand Line is referred to as the New World and extends past the second Red Line/Grand Line connection.

Now before getting a look into one piece 1048 spoilers reddit, let’s first go through a recap of chapter 1047.

One Piece Chapter 1047 Recap

Momonosuke is urged to create flame clouds by Yamato. While Luffy and Kaidou continue to fight on the roof, the latter tries to halt Onigashima despite being unable to do so. Kaidou claims that Roger wasn’t a Devil Fruit user and that Haki is the winner. The samurai reiterate their support for Luffy inside the dome, and Orochi makes an attempt to harm Hiyori. After winning the conflict with a massive fist, Luffy tells Momo to move Onigashima out of the way before launching another attack. A little more details won’t harm, instead it’ll help us to know more about one piece 1048 spoilers reddit.

Momo’s Backstory

Momonosuke is unable to create the clouds that Yamato requests in order to hoist Onigashima. Momonosuke connects with his mother as she sends him into the future in a flashback scene. We return to the present and head up to the rooftop.

Kaido is able to avoid Luffy’s thunderbolt when it is used, which he grabbed previously. Kaido reminds Luffy that while he can employ any of his absurd devil fruit powers, doing so isn’t sufficient for dominance. He cites Roger as an example, who managed to defeat the Grand Line despite not possessing a devil fruit.

Onigashima Knocked Down

When using Thunder Bagua to strike Luffy, Kaido claims that Haki is the item that stands above all others. After suffering some damage, Luffy recovers and unleashes thunderbolt once more. People on the Flower Capital are taking advantage of the festival’s final hours before they return to slavery the following day.

Back at the burning castle, Orochi succeeds in separating the sea stone from himself and assumes the appearance of the devil fruit. In order to prevent the Onigashima from falling into the Flower Capital, Luffy blows up his arm to the size of the Onigashima and is ready to punch it. Now let’s look into one piece 1048 spoilers reddit.

One Piece 1048 Spoilers Reddit

This week, One Piece will take a break, but Reddit is likely to contain early spoilers for chapter 1048.

As we all know, curiosity rules one’s mind. Some other information should help you know one piece 1048 spoilers reddit, and what happens next. 

Arriving in Onigashima

Momonosuke has been making every effort to use his clouds to seize the island. But despite his best efforts, he hasn’t been successful. It will take more time for Momo to adjust because it hasn’t been very long since he became an adult.

Luffy made the decision to take control of the situation after observing Momo’s condition and punched Kaido hard. Since the punch is as large as Onigashima, Luffy considers pushing it away to prevent it from falling over Flower Capital. What results there are from this will be interesting to see.

Kaido vs Luffy

We were all mistaken when we assumed that Luffy’s new power would be sufficient to defeat Kaido. It appears that Kaido is not even aware of Luffy’s newly discovered power. Devil fruits don’t seem all that amazing to him.

Kaido doesn’t care when Luffy eats a fruit that resembles a deity since he thinks that Haki can outclass any other power in the world. He continues to dominate Luffy in gear 5, and it doesn’t appear that the conflict will end soon.

One Piece Chapter 1048 can be Read Online

Online readers can access One Piece chapter 1048 at Mangaplus and Viz Media. And people have been waiting for one piece 1048 spoilers reddit.

Date and Time of One Piece Chapter 1048’s Release

Japan at 1:00 AM, India at 9:30 PM, USA/Canada at 10:00 AM, UK at 4:00 PM, CES (Europe) at 5:00 PM, and the United Kingdom at 10:00 AM on May 2.


The information about one piece 1048 spoilers reddit has been mentioned in this article and I hope that everything that you need to know is provided here.


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