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Murat Pak, often known as Pak, is a well-known digital artist or collective of artists who use the pronouns they/them and maintain total anonymity. Most of Murat Pak’s work is abstract, and he uses the pseudonym “The Nothing” on social media. Murat Pak received a lot of attention at a three-day sale held by one of the most prominent auction houses, Sotheby’s, especially among those in the fine art community. There was an auction of one work of art and open edition art (meaning many people were able to buy the tokenized art). With assets worth more than $2.8 billion, Sotheby’s teamed up with Murat Pak because the artist is currently leading in the digital world.

Here, we will discuss further details about Pak’s net worth in this article, the Sotheby’s collection sold, the software he uses, the meaning behind his name, the significance of NFT art, and his social media accounts.

What is NFT Art: A New Trend in the Art World

NFT Art is a new trend in the art world. It is a Non-Fungible Token and refers to virtual objects that can be exchanged and traded as collectables. NFTs are generated and stored inside an Ethereum smart contract, so they are completely transparent and immutable. They are also cryptographically protected from duplication, meaning you can only own one copy of an NFT. 

It makes them a great way to preserve digital art collections that may be prone to digital copying or loss. In addition to being tradable, NFTs can be sold as physical collectables that can be enjoyed by anyone who owns them. 

And because they are tokens, they can represent equity in a company or other assets that owners can sell or trade on secondary markets such as exchanges.

Who is Murat Pak, and where does he come from?

There is no information about where Pak is from. However, many individuals have speculated. The artist is listed on many sites as being from Istanbul, but it cannot be verified. His IP address was reportedly traced to Istanbul and Amsterdam, according to some. Murat Pak is often a Turkish name, so it makes sense.

Istanbul is a significant city in Turkey, so it seems to reason that somebody would have found his IP address there. Given that Amsterdam has a sizable Turkish community, there may be further explanations for Pak’s name, which is largely Turkish.

Pak does a great job at keeping their identity a secret, and much of the information we do have about the artist is largely conjectural. Only broad generalizations are permissible. It is because it is the only time we will be absolutely certain of Pak’s location until or if the artist ever announces where they are from.

Murat Pak : What Does He Do?

As an established digital artist, he has created a few platforms that have brought him more attention. Some of these platforms include an AI algorithm, a successful social media account, and becoming a lead studio designer.

In general, the digital artist creates abstract art that is highly visually stimulating and often employs geometric shapes. In addition, Pak runs a popular social media account on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that posts visual content likely to trend. He is also the lead designer of UNDREAM, a creative studio. Murat Pak is known for his dynamic and parametric designs. Sotheby’s working with this digital artist is a testament to the growing world of NFT. 

NFTs’ value is affected by provenance, which is one aspect of origin. A well-respected artwork broker had partnered with Pak in this case, resulting in significant price increases. AI-generated social media accounts receive just as much attention as Pak’s digital artwork, Archillect. Musk has been following the performance on Twitter and has even teased a collaboration. Archillect fascinating because it doesn’t require human intervention. The AI algorithm posts a popular image every ten minutes on its feed. 

There are 283K followers on Instagram and 2.5 million followers on Twitter. It is evident from the account’s many followers that people enjoy what is uploaded due to the AI’s ability to keep up with trends.

What software does Murat Pak use to create NFT art?

They remain almost entirely information less, which is a characteristic of Murat Pak. Despite this, purchasers know little about the art, which may help them appreciate it better. The digital artist Pak has never publicly disclosed what software or design tools he uses. The stunning work Pak produces will likely require ray tracer software, 3D design software, and other software to create.

We are taking various factors into account to arrive at a proportion. The famous digital artist Beeple’s method of creating his work is one of the factors we are considering. He also uses OTOY’s Octane Renderer and Maxon Cinema 4D for touch-ups and minor details.

Murat’s Pak net worth: what is it?

In recent years, the anonymous artist has gained much popularity, even receiving tweets from Elon Musk. His work is prevalent in the crypto-based art community. Due to the artist’s privacy, estimating Pak’s net worth is extremely difficult; however, our team estimates that he has accumulated roughly $23 million from digital asset sales. 

The net worth of Pak will only increase as its fame and popularity increase. A recent Sotheby’s auction generated most of Pak’s net worth (April 12-14, 2021). A fungible collection was auctioned at Sotheby’s. As a result of the auction, held by Nifty Gateway, an NFT marketplace, the digital artist saw a turnover of $16,825,999. Among the sub-collections in the collection were Fungible OE, Complexity, The Cube, Equilibrium, The Builder, The Switch, and The Pixel. 

Besides the Sotheby’s auction, Pak’s record-breaking sale on Super Rare, another large NFT marketplace, was also noteworthy. At the time of purchase, “Legend” sold for 96.8ETH, which equated to roughly $175,801. 

A collector known as @seedphrase or DANNY purchased the piece. Behind Beeple, who holds the record for digital art sales, Pak is the second most well-known digital artist. 

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