NFT Score: Programming Features 

by Rohan

NFT score refers that how limited a certain NFT is, depending on certain things surrounding it. These things include the NFT’s features like color, design, costume, etc., or arbitrary influence such as the artist or project’s reputation or profile. This art piece might ideally be rare based but the entire project may not be worth the hype, so the value of the art piece is affected.

On same time, a highly profiled artist will sell a collectible NFT at a higher price than a regular artist. Unlikely if there is some unequal distribution on NFT score happens the value of the NFT makes the market very interesting.

How Does NFT Score Work ?

The one thing that distinguishes the multiple edition of an artwork that are NFTs is their physical things. Each Bored Ape has its own combination of rarity that would help them to rank or score higher.

The collectors or investors invest in the NFTs which have higher scoring rarity.Their main focus to buy a rarity art piece that how much it can be worth and if there are possible returns form resales.

There are some NFT score tools where the collecters are spend too much time in researching the rarity of the art piece are mentioned bellow in this context.There are so  many rarity tools that were launched in 2021, making it easier to predict the market value and rarity of an NFT.

How Is NFT Score Determined ?

There are 3 Ways of Determining NFT Rarity :

  • The trait-based determinant
  • The asset-based determinant
  • A combination of formulas as in NFTGO and NFTEXP.

Why Are NFT Score Tools Important ?

There are several reasons why checking the rarity ranking of NFTs is important.

1. Helps Collectors to Make Informed Buying or Selling Decisions

Rarity tools shade light about an NFT project, giving collectors quality information that could precede investment in the project.

While many rarity ranking tools are still in development, others are yet to figure out a perfect formula to apply in determining the rarity of a collectible.

Nevertheless, the rarity tools available have shown a remarkable milestone for the future of NFTs.

2. Proper understanding of NFT projects

Many rarity tools provide great information about an NFT project, making it easier for new collectors to know what the project is about.

3. Predict upcoming NFT drops

Some rarity ranking tools also provide insight into future updates concerning a collectible.Most of the people who want to collect are primarily willing to know what will be the next drop.Now, instead of browsing Twitter, Reddit, and Discord for these updates, you may visit these rarity tools to grab the full information on a collectible’s launch or drop.

4. Easier and faster analysis of NFTs

Rarity tools have made it simpler and faster to analyze NFT market data. By simply copying and pasting the collectible’s token ID, researchers are halfway through getting the required information about the collectible. 

NFT Score : 9 Great Tools To Do So Fast and Easy

Now we’ve seen what rarity is, how it is determined or calculated, and its importance; let’s see some top rarity tools collectors can use to check the rarity of prospective collectibles they look to invest in.


One of the pioneering rarity ranking tools,, was created by Crazy4NFTs in 2021 and has been the household rarity checker for Ethereum-based NFTs. It has a friendly user interface and is easy to navigate.


Another Ethereum-based rarity checker. As mentioned earlier, NFTGO adopts a more complex approach to determining the rarity of NFTs. This shouldn’t be a problem, as collectors just need to copy and paste the item’s token ID.


Like, NFTEXP provides user-friendly and easy-to-find information in an orderly manner. Its methodology in calculating rarities is yet to be known. However, it still adopts the trait-based rarity determinant. NFTEXP examines Ethereum NFTs.


Since Solana NFTs are pretty new, few rarity tools are available to look them up. was launched to help collectors look up the rarity scores of Solana-based NFTs. Additionally, anyone can find upcoming Solana NFTs on

5. Opensea Rankings

It may seem the least tool to consider. Opensea Rankings is a great resource for getting first-hand information on NFT project performance. Opensea Rankings arrange NFT Information according to their floor prices, trading volumes, etc.

6. Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper covers NFTs on Ethereum and Solana networks.Collectors may use this tool to find upcoming NFTs on the aforementioned blockchains.

7. Trait Sniper

Trait Sniper helps in checking NFT rarities on Opensea. It adopts a similar methodology as There are bots to help source information regarding an NFT, and help to sort them by rank, rank, or price.

8. Tokenref

Tokenref collects and computes rarity and market data from different Cardano-based NFTs. It uses the same methodology as other common rarity checking tools, this time, for Cardano protocols majorly.

9. Cardano NFT Tools

Cardano collects data from the Cardano NFT marketplace ( CNFT is an emerging marketplace where you can find the top or high profile Cardano (ADA) NFTs.

Cardano NFT Tools works like the Opensea Ranking portal, in which it highlights information regarding Cardano NFT drops and market performances of listed NFTs.

5 Things To Consider When Buying or Selling an NFT

#1. Crypto Market Situation

 Depending on the tokens and networks involved, the value of cryptocurrencies is pegged to NFTs.

The rising and falling of crypto prices affect the NFT market. Experts suggest that holders or buyers of collectibles watch the market situation before buying or selling their assets.

In a situation where the crypto market is bearish, you’d be forced to consider tampering with your profits and sell at a figure close to the floor price.

#2. The Blockchain Network Powering the Project and Gas Fees

Ethereum-based NFT costs a lot to mint, buy, or sell. All these through gas fees. That is why Solana, Cardano, and Tezos NFTs are rising.

Congested market networks could cause outrageous gas fees. So if you plan on investing in Ethereum NFTs, you should be prepared for such situations.

#3. Type of Market Involved

It is either you are on a primary or secondary market. To know which market to use at any time, you must get acquainted with ‘traditional market systems’ and know when to buy or sell. You must understand how to invest and the kind of NFT that promises greater returns. You must also understand risk management and how they apply to the NFT market.

#4. The Floor Price of the Collectible

What to expect when you plan to resale the collectible. However, it (floor price) is not the only expense you make on a marketplace; gas fees take part of funds.

#5. Investment Knowledge

NFT is a business for many people. But there are backstories, too; many others do not make much from it.

What sets successful NFT investors apart is their knowledge of the NFT score market. When to buy, what to buy, how to buy, promising projects to buy from, risk management, and so forth.


NFT rarity tools have made NFT score research easier and better. Although they are still infant protocols, we’ll see more strict rarity rankings soon with the current inclusion of paradigm formulas.

 In reality, some of these suggestions do not apply accordingly, and even many rarity tools discourage you from totally relying on their data.


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