NFT Influencers 

by Rohan

NFT influencers are people who are followed by different people on social media platforms for guidance, advice, news, instructions and navigating the NFT space. 

NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens are basically intended to provide a method for protecting digital assets in a way that ensures ownership and fosters scarcity. It generally refers to any type of digital file, including real estate, videos, and jpegs of artwork.

A brand’s success and financial success are greatly influenced by marketing and social media initiatives. Every day, a huge number of NFT projects start up. Therefore, the marketing teams of new NFT projects collaborate with significant NFT influencers to promote their initiative on their Twitter accounts in order to broaden the community, pursue worldwide involvement, and increase sales. A focal point for NFT marketing recently has been Twitter.

1. Ohhshiny 

The energetic and talented host of the OhhShiny Show is OhhShiny. The OhhShiny show hosts a programme on Twitter Spaces and invites the top brains in the NFT space to talk in order to bring together the newest and greatest from the edge of the metaverse. The Community Office Timings showcase initiatives and designers in the metaverse who really are creating something original but might require guidance on how to advance their idea. While gently guiding them on their objective and mission, OhhShiny and his crew voice these new projects. OhhShiny regularly seeks to give voice to people in the space who need it the most by tweeting words of wisdom and motivation on a daily basis. Every Friday at 11 a.m. ET, OhhShiny’s “Community Office Hours” programme is a fantastic illustration of advancing others.

2. Crypto Baristas 

Crypto Baristas design and promote their own coffee-related NFTs on their NFT marketplace, which is hosted by OpenSea. They are on a mission to create caffiene lover characters who are actually brewibg their coffee. On 11th February 2021, this entertaining and quickly developing initiative was introduced, and it has since attracted a great deal of interest among the NFT community. The Crypto Baristas is the project for all coffee enthusiasts out there, and sponsors receive caffeinated benefits for life. Owners of NFTs have access to benefits like free coffee, special prices when purchasing from particular coffee shops, and more.

3. Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vee or Gary Vaynerchuck was one of the first people to notice NFTs. With 3.1 million Twitter followers, serial entrepreneur Gary Vee is currently the most popular and influential NFT. He discovered the Cryptopunks NFT collection in 2017 and insisted that certain well-known figures, including Mr. Beast, Logan Paul, etc., start collecting Cryptopunks. The NFT era started when this action attracted the attention of people all around the world. Some Cryptopunks reached a value of $10 million by the end of 2021. Significant increases were seen in both volume and sales. Gary Vee created the veefriends programme in order to provide all NFT novices and experts with a network and knowledge source.

4. Cozomo de’ Medici

The persona of Snoop Dogg has developed an excellent collection and maintained a deep interest in a number of NFT efforts. He acknowledged keeping digital tokens worth $17 million in NFT under a false name. He recently increased his collection by three Rekt Guy NFTs. He also hopes to become the first NFT influencers in the music industry. Additionally, Snoop tweeted about them with the hashtag “Got #Rekt,” guaranteeing that the relatively recent initiative will get noticed. He then also changed one of the Rekt NFTs to his twitter PFP. 

5. Pranksy

There are many reasons why Pranksy is regarded as one of the top NFT influencers on Twitter in 2022. He started out with a $600 investment and worked his way up to a $120 million net worth, becoming well-known for being the “lord of mint.” Moreover Pranksy owns more than 130 NFT Worlds items. Pranksy is one of the top collectors of NBA Top Shots and was an early, anonymous NFT investor who acquired a sizable fan base. According to the individual who created the avatar for Fox 5 NY, NFTs are “the collectible equivalent” of taking “pictures for their mantelpiece” for today’s digital natives.

6. Beanie Investor

For fans of NFT, Beanie is renowned as a gold mine of knowledge. He has a total of 18k followers on Twitter. Beanie’s Twitter is concentrated on informing its followers about cryptos, NFTs, and trading, in contrast to other Twitter accounts on our list that are primarily focused on acquiring or producing NFTs. Regarding buying and selling NFTs, Beanie frequently gives tips on her blog. 

7. Farokh 

Farokh is a business owner, investor, advisor, community builder, degen, and self-described CryptoPunk. However, Farokh’s most notable accomplishment is founding Rug Radio on Twitter Spaces. On this platform, users can sell and buy NFTs as well as own the media activities they engage in on the website, such as memes and dialogues.

8. j1mmy.eth

j1mmy is one of the major NFT influencers in 2022. The visionary leader and CEO of nft42 is J1mmy.eth. Jim previously founded Dito, a company that offers business cloud solutions and is a leader in on-chain NFTs and the metaverse. J1mmy. eth’s feed features upcoming initiatives, viewpoints, and motivational quotes like “nfts have given an entire generation of adults their childhood sense of imagination back.” The magic has returned. Embrace the moment.

9. 6529 Cryptopunk

The owner of the Cryptopunk #6529 and other very valuable NFTs rose to fame after making the ground-breaking decision to establish an NFT investment fund that vowed to maintain the anonymity of all the investors, much like himself. With 326k followers on his NFT Twitter account, 6529’s open metaverse project has experienced significant growth. Anonymity has helped 6259 establish its reputation and brand as a key USP.

10. gmoney.eth

Gmoney is an NFT investor, influencer, and collector from Puerto Rico who made it onto the Fortune NFTy50 list. NFT influencer gmoney.eth has accumulated his own online collection of NFTs, one of which he purchased for 140 Ethereum. On his Twitter account, he posts details about his own NFT purchases as well as industry views.


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