NFT Analytics Tool : Top 10 NFT Analytics Tool in 2022

by Rohan

NFT collectors are constantly working to release the newest NFT to the public. Actually, weekly NFT sales are in the $10 million to $20 million area. Not only should a shrewd NFT collector be on the lookout for trend-setting and hotly anticipated NFT releases. 

An NFT enthusiast’s best buddy is an NFT analytics tool.In modern day techs,on a regular basis, lets us choose from a wide range of aspects. They provide us with data backed up NFT purchases. 

NFT Analytics Tool : What Are their key features ?

NFT traders, makers, sellers, buyers, collectors, and enthusiasts can examine data about NFTs and NFT collections using NFT analytics tool. Software and solutions for NFT analytics include information on NFT popularity, pricing, trends, trade data, NFT portfolio management, and other topics on NFT analytics tool.

NFT Rarity : What Is It ?

Ever ponder why certain NFTs are worth millions of dollars while others are completely worthless?

Do you also believe that the blockchain it was created on or the market affects the value of NFT listed on it?

Many individuals had mistakenly believed that these factors, along with many others, were what was driving NFTs’ soaring value.

What motivates the value of NFTs, then ?


Since the term “rarity” refers to scarcity or how uncommon a piece or object is, the rarity of NFTs refers to how uncommon or exceptional an NFT is, influencing how valuable such collection will be. Because a collectible’s value price increases with rarity, the majority of collectors desire rare NFTs.

This is why the majority of NFT collectors and aficionados constantly want to know how scarce a particular NFT is before buying it or how scarce the NFTs in their collections are to calculate how much to ask for them when selling them.

How to come to a conclusion on NFT rarity ?

When compared, artists and collectibles are both diverse. This comes across clearly.

Either by searching for the rarest characteristics or by statistically assessing rarity, this gross rarity is determined. The “rarity score” technique or method was created by Rarity Tools as a result of the fact that the crucial consideration is almost always based on the overall characteristics of NFTs rather than a single attribute.

Physical characteristics such as clothing, jewellery, fur, hats, spectacles, backgrounds, necklaces, etc. are frequently taken into account as qualities or features because they are non-fungible and cannot be shared by all NFTs in a single collection.

The rarity of NFTs is determined using one of four approaches. Various aspects were taken into account as a tool for each of these strategies. Some approaches were judged to be worse when compared to others because they focused on one characteristic while ignoring others.

The techniques Are :

-Model for trait rarity

-Trait rarity average/mean model

-Model for statistical rarity

Model for rarity score.

Top 10 NFT Analytics Tool :

An NFT collector’s decision-making process depends on having a solid understanding of how the market functions on a daily basis. You are kept up to date on auctions, project launches, and market insights through NFT analytics tool.Here are top 15 NFT Analytics Tool mentioned below…

1. Dune Analytics

Features : 

  • Support and analysis for various blockchain platforms (Ethereum, Polygon Gnosis Chain, etc)
  • Important metric analysis for NFTs, decentralised finance, etc.
  • Support for smart contract data
  • display of data in real time

Dune is a fantastic analytics solution for data delivery from the ease of a dashboard. Create stunning graphs out of the data by customising the dashboard with information from the blockchains you utilise.

Due to the fact that its functionality is not restricted by a barrier, Dune is a favourite among users. Anyone can use it for free to keep track of floor prices, availability, and other things. Anyone can use any of the countless dashboards in Dune, but if you don’t want to build up your own dashboard, you can just browse the huge selection. There’s a good chance that the NFT project you’re funding has a Dune user base already.

2. NFT OnChained

Features :

  • NFT market research using AI
  • portfolio administration
  • NFT grading and rarity ranking
  • Low-cost NFT listing for discount contracts
  • Analysis of key performance indicators for brand awareness and NFT collection value

With NFT OnChained, artificial intelligence is clearly visible. This ground-breaking analysis tool makes use of AI to examine, assess, and report on the market statistics for NFTs. NFT OnChained is focused on tracking the market for the greatest deals, while other tools offer rankings on the best-performing collections. It ranks unsold NFTs that are waiting for ownership from a range of collections.

This special attribute of NFT OnChained might assist a newbie reduce costs without reducing NFT rarity. To assist traders and collectors in making informed selections before making a purchase, the site includes NFT rarity rankings and scores.

 How well received was the collection in the market? Is this collection being discussed on social media? The number of bidders on this collection is unknown. You can draw a sound, well-informed judgement by using these questions.

3. Compass Art

Features :

  • Early access to upcoming NFT collection collections and collection discovery
  • Rare sniping NFT
  • portfolio management
  • enlightening reports on sales and trading
  • Instantaneous notifications

Compass is a fantastic tool for transforming NFT amateurs into NFT specialists with more informed choices and successful investments. NFTs are rare valuables that can expand your investment portfolio; they go beyond unique digital artefacts. As a result, it’s crucial to invest in project launches that are successful and plan for the coming of more value collections.

Compass gives customers live access to wallets and newly minted tokens, as well as the ability to manage their investments. Watch as the top NFT investors prepare their next move in response to the market’s real-time changes. You learn some useful strategies for making investments in the most suitable projects in this manner.

4. Rainbow Wallet

Feature :

  • Bitcoin wallet
  • portfolio administration

Rainbow is a well-known Ethereum wallet that also serves as your NFT portfolio tracker. In order to manage their wallets and NFT portfolios from a single interface, this application is the best option for traders and collectors who mint NFTs housed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Users of Rainbow Wallet can also choose to keep track of whales. It’s helpful to understand how the top NFT collectors navigate the market while diversifying your portfolio.

5. NFT Stats

Features :

  • NFT sales are represented visually in data.
  • easy-to-read details on the newest releases and rankings
  • determining NFT rarity

The easiest analytical tool on this list is probably NFT Stats.

6. DappRadar

Features :

  • portfolio management
  • Current market information and sales numbers

DappRadar has a lengthy history in the cryptocurrency and DeFi sectors. DappRadar, which has a reputation for hosting decentralised applications, is also looking into the NFT sector. The platform is permitted to provide users who have connected Ethereum wallets regular notifications on the status of their token balance and completed transactions.

Being vigilant for the following excellent NFT investment is essential for traders or collectors. With its thorough rating and analysis of NFT collections distributed across several blockchain platforms, DappRadar makes it simple to find collections. Check out which collection has the most sales, the cheapest floor price, and other metrics by adjusting the ranking filters.

7. NFTGo

Features :

  • Information about NFT project listings, floor price, and volume in real-time
  • Ranking of NFT collections
  • discovery and rating of NFT rarities
  • tracking of whales
  • tracking of transactions from more than 15 marketplaces

With just a few clicks on NFTGo, you may get a quick snapshot of NFT sales and market activity. This analysis tool excels at identifying and following promising NFT projects, impending releases, and whale market influence.

The NFT community is fiercely competitive, but NFTGo can help you increase your portfolio by identifying the best collections to buy. The best projects are occasionally the hardest to find and least common. To assist users in assessing the rarity score and profitability of a specific NFT, NFTGO employs a special rarity model.

8. Ayzd

Features :

  • thorough study of the NFT collection
  • brings together current events, trends, and news in the NFT community.
  • Metaverse assistance
  • Support for NFT drop calendar
  • unified dashboard

Ayzd is a comprehensive dashboard and analysis tool for all things NFT. Users may easily access news, collection rankings, and sales information using the dashboard, which is available for free.

In addition to the multipurpose dashboard, Ayzd offers access to a drop calendar. The calendar is marked with anticipated project releases so you won’t miss out on any more lucrative opportunities.

You can use the rankings supplied by Ayzd to visit successful collections while you wait for upcoming releases. Check out the rankings and market values for the collections as it has the largest NFT project database among NFT analytics and trading tools.

9. Nansen

Features :

  • high-quality market analytics
  • ranking of NFT rarities
  • intelligent transaction history
  • essential wallet address statistics

The best value you can get for your money is probably Nansen. This data analytics tool provides information on market activities and trends. In addition to doing a general market research, Nansen ranks NFT rarity among various collections. This aids collectors in choosing which NFTs to be on the lookout for.

Insightful metrics on live wallet addresses are also provided by Nansen. Every activity you took with a particular crypto wallet, including transactions and other actions, is recorded and sorted in ascending order. Keep track of your token balances at all times with the help of Nansen’s daily and weekly reports.

As was previously indicated, Nansen is a paid service. With the brief free trial, you may test it out and learn more about its features. There are three different subscription packages: Standard ($399/quarter), VIP ($3,990/quarter), and Alpha ($9,000/quarter).

10. NFSea Tools

Features :

  • Watchlist for NFT
  • Collection previews for NFT
  • ranking of NFT rarities
  • custom alerts for notifications
  • current floor prices

As an all-purpose NFT tracker, analyst, and sniping tool, NFSea is a powerful challenger. It has a robust set of features that enable NFT lovers to back successful projects, keep a close eye on pricing changes, and share in the enthusiasm for upcoming NFT collections.

It takes skill to trade and mint NFTs; to avoid exorbitant gas prices and other costs, you must closely monitor changes in demand, supply, and floor pricing. With rarity ranking, it is also possible to evaluate an NFT’s value and rarity; the more uncommon a collectible is, the higher its rarity ranking.


Here I give the best 10 NFT Analytics Tool. I think you would get the knowledge about NFT & NFT Analytics tool.


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