Moonbirds Allowlist Raffle

by Rohan

Based on the Moonbirds website, they are “the official Proof PFP” of said Proof Collective. The traditional hype strategies employed by other NFT ventures weren’t used by Moonbirds. And it was distinct because of their lottery and launch strategy, which we shall explore. So, if you want to know more about moonbirds allowlist raffle keep reading this article.

About Moonbirds Website

The 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs in the Moonbirds collection each have a unique set of qualities that are dispersed at random. In order to support the launch of Moonbirds, Proof, a media firm founded by Kevin Rose, began to grow. One thousand enthusiastic NFT artists and collectors have formed the PROOF Collective, which has just published its first NFT work. The original launch saw approximately to $75 million in sales, and now, one week later, the entire volume is getting close to 400 million USD. One of the easiest collections to reach bluechip rank in respect of floor price.

Varieties of Moonbird NFTs Available

Each of the 10,000 pixelated owls in the initial Moonbirds collection is defined as a “utility-enabled PFP that features a profoundly diversified and distinct pool of rarity-powered attributes.”

The assets are each a distinct combination of eight different features, with four ultra-rare body features (each having six examples) and numerous “Legendary” feather kinds (with 25 or fewer examples) also present.

Each Moonbird NFT grants access to drops, membership in Proof’s exclusive club, and other rewards that are given to collectors who “nest” their NFTs.

Benefits are available in “bronze,” “silver,” and “gold” tiers, with each level being attained if individuals continuing to nest accumulated NFT over time. Once a home is offered or sold, the new owners must build it from the ground up, or from a straw nest.

Among the 10,000 assets, 2000 was set aside for Proof Collective subscribers who have a Proof membership permit NFT, 125 were kept for marketing reasons, and the remainder 7,875 were sold to raffle winners on the allowlist for 2.5 ETH each mint.

When the collection was released, it caused an unusual stir in the market since, during the first 48 hours of trading, its floor price reached 21 ETH ($60,000 at the time), and its secondary trade volume exceeded $200 million.

Marketing Strategy for Moonbird Allowlist Raffle


Holders of the PROOF Collective will receive two free mints (+ gas) and will be able to participate in the Moonbirds allowlist raffle. If chosen, they are allowed to mint one extra Moonbird for 2.5 Ether at the Allowlist mint. Winners of the raffle may purchase 1 bird for 2.5 Eth. Proof has already established a baseline of 1000 members for Moonbirds. XYZ are already incredibly powerful. The PROOF Collective membership card holders are given early minting privileges for Moonbirds, which is marketed as “the official PROOF PFP.” They just proceeded up the proper slope, too. These “podcast tours,” which were conducted differently from other typical NFT launches, were led by Kevin Rose. Podcasts are becoming more popular in the NFT environment as well as the clubhouse and Twitter communities.

The initiative concentrates on discussing its usefulness. Additionally, a high mint rate of 2.5 Eth had consumers and doubters talking. The success of the initiative was mostly sustained over time rather than through standard marketing hoopla. Proof has already laid the groundwork for this. The establishment of the Proof collective was made possible by the fact that Proof has an solid group of like-minded collectors who are delving deep and retaining for the coming 10-15 years.

You get access to this exclusive discord if you possess one. The way you enter the project, score 3-5x, and move onto the next item are not Kevin Rose’s main concerns. The artist’s long-term collectibility and why you should be interested in them. Kevin Rose also holds the opinion that if you keep your word, the cost will be taken care of. As opposed to explosive movements, which the majority of those in the space are now engaging in, it is OK to take less money and build a more stable community.

Paying Attention to Long-term NFT Investors

The more time you spend hoarding the Moonbird, the further you earn. Nesting is a new function that Moonbirds is launching that enables NFT holders to wager their assets in a quasi manner and earn extra rewards. Depending on the duration they retain their NFTs hidden, holders will reach different status levels. In one of the videos, Kevin Rose stated that “we have some insane airdrops planned” and that “when you attain various nest status levels, it lets us to give different advantages to those who are Moonbirds holders.” And Kevin is discussing following the road plan that was laid forth.

Gaining access to the Moonbirds allowlist raffle , which Moonbirds lack. To get a chance to visit mint, any person who wants to might join a raffle. The Moonbirds website states that Proof members were also eligible to enter the lottery but were also promised two Moonbirds for each Proof membership NFT members possessed. One mint was permitted each raffle winner for 2.5 Eth. Instead, send out a straightforward tweet asking others to share the initiative if they think it has value.

Arriving Shortly Moonbirds DAO

The project has made known its intentions to build a DAO the next year, with the goal of “furthering the Moonbirds ecology, reputation, and legend. We anticipate that this will result in new NFT collections, businesses, cultural events, and content.Proof is investing a whole of $2.6 million into the DAO as part of its debut, with the money coming from the 7 Moonbirds that are currently in its treasury, the purchase of Moonbirds valued at $500,000, and $2 million in liquid ETH.Holders of Mythics and Moonbirds will be qualified to participate in the crucial DAO voting process.


Nevertheless, despite the fact that Moonbirds IP may now achieve substantially larger proportions in regards to marketing reach and interoperability, certain members of the community may always feel “cheated on” going forward. Such circumstances may, in turn, aid the collecting moon once again during the following bull run, but only time will tell.

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