Ledger vs Trezor

by Rohan

It is very clear that millions of individuals throughout the world are interested in the widespread use of cryptocurrencies. Two well-known brands in the cryptocurrency sector are Trezor and Ledger. Both provide over 1,000 coin support, secure hardware wallets, and cryptocurrency exchanges. Both ledger and trezor provide secure hardware wallets to store NFT. Both of them are top wallets and provide top notch features. 

What is a hardware wallet ? 

Hardware wallets are devices that store cryptocurrencies. New people face difficulty in choosing the appropriate wallet for themselves. 

The crypto wallet is similar to a regular wallet which is used everyday to store cash in our daily life. But the actual cryptocurrencies are not kept in the crypto wallet, though. Instead, it acts as a storage location for the private keys or backup phrases necessary for cryptographic transactions. Software wallets and hardware wallets are the two most popular subcategories of cryptocurrency wallets.

Most importantly, hardware wallets ensure security by storing your cryptocurrency’s private keys offline and away from the internet.

Both of the devices offer very close to similar features like USB connectivity. Devices made by Trezor have a distinctive shape and are enclosed in plastic cases. Ledger devices, on the other hand, have a modern appearance similar to a standard steel USB storage device.

We are going to witness the ledger vs trezor battle once again. 


Hardware wallet Trezor was created by SatoshiLabs in 2013. When it comes to keeping private keys secure, these crypto wallets are renowned for doing so. Users may simply complete transactions in the cryptocurrency market because of its user-friendly interface. 


Ledger, a company with headquarters in Paris and US offices, creates Ledger wallets. It debuted in the market in 2014 and became one of the most widely used hardware crypto-wallets quite rapidly. Device-based Ledger wallets use USB drives and other types of storage to keep private keys secure. Users of these storage wallets can transfer and receive bitcoins from on-device third-party apps and blockchains. 

LEDGER VS TREZOR Comparison :- 

  • Material

Ledger Wallet comes in a stainless steel body while the trezor has a plastic body. 

  • Size 

The Ledger Nano S is smaller than the Trezor. Due to its reduced size, the Ledger wallet might therefore be more convenient to carry.

  • Supported OS

Both Trezor and Ledger work with PCs and mobile devices. Windows 10, macOS 10.11 and later, Linux, and Android OS are the supported operating systems.

  • Display Screen 

Trezor is easier to view than Ledger because it has a larger display screen. Trezor Model T, however, also features a great colour touchscreen. The Trezor T sports a touchscreen LCD with 240240 pixels, but the Trezor One’s display has a 12864 pixel resolution. 

On the other hand, a 12864 display is found on the Ledger Nano X, whereas a 12832 display is found on the Ledger Nano S.

  • Open Source 

The Ledger wallets use a unique operating system called BOLOS. This implies that we are unable to see the code used to create the hardware and the firmware that the device is based on.The firmware and software used by Trezor wallets are open-source.

  • Security 

Trezor devices have a single chip at their core, employ closed-source firmware, and are shielded from external vulnerability scanning. Shamir Backup provides enhanced private key security. Hardware wallets made by Ledger have a twin chip foundation. The STM32F042K is a general-purpose 32-bit microcontroller, and the bank-grade security element is the second chip (SE)

  • Ease of use 

Trezor and Ledger devices are quite simple to set up due to its rigorous password setting and account verification policies. The smaller screens and two physical buttons on lower-end models make them more difficult to use for users used to touchscreens and larger displays.

  • Price 

Regarding cost, compatibility with iOS devices and mobile apps, and the number of supported cryptocurrencies, Ledger surpasses Trezor. However, those that want Shamir Backup and want a touchscreen should use Trezor’s Model T.  

  • Customer Service 

Ledger responds more quickly to consumer inquiries than Trezor. Ledger offers greater customer service, providing prompt, sincere assistance when required. 

What if your wallet gets stolen? 

These gadgets include pin protection, and if the user makes three unsuccessful attempts, the device wipes away all of its contents, self-destructs, and locks the user out. Trezor is thought to be a better choice since, thanks to its open-source feature, it is more secure. 

Trezor Model T

If you want to store and deal with a variety of cryptocurrencies, the Trezor Model T is your best option. It is the only hardware wallet from Trezor and Ledger that features a colour touchscreen and has the largest screen of all the Trezor and Ledger wallets. Trezor wallet also offers Shamick backup. The open-source software that comes pre-installed on Trezor wallets increases security concerns while providing several ways to fix a problem or flaw. Trezor wallets include a colour touchscreen for plain visibility. Ledger is more secure compared to trezor. But still it is preferred by more than 1 million crypto users in the world. 

Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X is your best choice if you want to store a lot of data—up to 100 blockchain applications—and want to be able to use your hardware wallet when you’re on the road because it supports Bluetooth. Devices made by Ledger Wallet have a sturdy steel shell that gives it both style and protection. A ledger wallet as a bluetooth connectivity feature and it’s totally optional. The mobile app provided by Ledger is one of the most user-friendly softwares ever created. For those who wish to use their cryptocurrency while on the go, Ledger might be a better option. It has a mobile app, Bluetooth that is optional for the Nano X, and connections to Android and iPhone smartphones. 


This is everything about ledger vs trezor Both the wallets have their own place and demand. That is why they are in the close neck competition with each other. Each provides a separate and unique set of features which may target different users. We have already discussed pros and cons on ledger vs trezor and regarding price, mobile app, IOS compatibility, and greater support for cryptocurrencies, Ledger surpasses Trezor. The Model T from Trezor is the better option for consumers that desire Shamir Backup and a touchscreen.


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