Https //aka.Ms/remoteconnect : Error Explained 

by Rohan

There are a few fixes that might help, but dealing with the issue of https // aka. ms remoteconnect, as not working can be a very challenging work. We are going to write down all the possible ways known to mankind in this article to fix the error of https // Here are some remedies for the Minecraft bug that says “Remote connect is not working.”

What is https //

Https // aka MS Remote Connect is a general and distinctive feature utilized by players of Minecraft world to communicate with each other throughout any kind of device. Https // makes the fact possible of communication between Minecraft players from any source including Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4. The MS Remote Connect, also popularly known as https // enables cross-platform gameplay in the world of Minecraft. It has become difficult to continue playing Minecraft on a Windows PC, PS4, or Nintendo Switch without the availability of any system. Microsoft supports and helps players of minecraft to login to the platform and play with friends online. When you try to play Minecraft on your PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, or mobile device, the https // issue may show up.

The issue we’re talking about might be the result of a bad setup. It’s possible that you made a mistake when setting up https // In such a case, you are commonly expected to run into the pertinent error. Data corruption is another one of the most frequent reasons why the https // problem occurs on your device. If the game data on your device is damaged as a consequence of any unintentional and unnecessary shutdown or another hardware issue, you won’t be able to sign in via https // If you are signed into a different account, the https // problem can also show up on the device. It’s possible that you’ll need to quit the current session in order to play on another device because Minecraft doesn’t support simultaneous sessions. Server problems are another recognised source of the https // error, also commonly known as ms remote connect issue. Although they are generally dependable, Microsoft servers are not faultless. You might therefore make a few mistakes handling them as a result. 

How to fix the error ( https // )

  1. Restarting your console is an option. 
  2. Log out of any other connected devices.
  3. Remove the files and papers from the damaged games.
  4. Utilize a brand-new Microsoft Account.
  5. Install Minecraft again.

You can create a new Microsoft account and produce a new code to use with https // if you encounter any errors with the remote connect code. When you first start the game, you can use your Microsoft account to connect your Xbox Live account to your current account immediately.

What problems could arise when you access https //

  1. Modification of the used device
  1. The device has an antivirus and firewall installed
  1. Use of any corrupted data or files. 

Corruption of your game data is one of the most significant reasons while facing this kind of error.  If You are wondering if these methods would affect your game data in a way of temporary or permanent loss, then no! This won’t affect your current save game data. But if you wish to delete your game data and achievements that have been saved, then you can follow the following method accordingly. 

  1. You have to always start with Minecraft in the first process. 
  2. Then find and visit “Settings.”
  3. Then you have to select “System settings” from the menu.
  4. Press the storage button once.
  5. Enter the Minecraft shop docs and select the “Fame storage” option as the next step.
  6. All of the saved data for Minecraft is ultimately deletable.

Now, did you know, you can also set up your to your Xbox using a smartphone app? Do not worry, we got your back. You just have to follow the steps that we are about to mention below to make it quicker and easier. 

  1. Go to https / to access the gaming device.
  2. Sign in to the account using Microsoft.
  3. Log in to your free Microsoft account at https /
  4. Obey the directions displayed on your screen.

How to fix the https // issue in PS4? 

  1. Remove the installed version of Minecraft from your PS4 and start over,
  2. Install it by downloading it from the Playstation store once more.
  3. Open the game and begin establishing a remote connection,
  4. Get the 8-digit code by logging into on a different device using your Microsoft account.
  5. Start playing the game simply by entering the 8 digit code available to you in the game window.

The same process should be followed for fixing any https // issue in PS5. You can simply start the Minecraft game as the first step. Then, access your Microsoft profile online. Enter the eight-digit code you found on your device and press the next button. Then, visit https // Then follow the instructions on the screen as instructed. Using these techniques, you ought to be able to play Minecraft on a PS4 or PS5 normally again. 

How to fix https // error issue in Nintendo Switch? 

There may be a bug causing remote connection errors whenever you try to enter an 8-digit code into your Microsoft account. This error can be overcomed easilv by logging out and again logging in using the code of 8 digits, similar to the methods in PS4. Then the Users have to access the main menu of Minecraft and select the option “Sign in with a Microsoft account” in order to accomplish this method. The following process can be easily carried out as there should appear an 8-digit code on the consumer’s screen. 


We tried to cover everything related to fixation of https // or MS Remote Connect issue. The https // error seems to have been fixed by now in your device and it does not tend to occur in a repeated manner. You can simply repeat the above mentioned methods to get away with the https // error.


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