How to restrict someone on Instagram using these 4 ways

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How to restrict someone on Instagram using these 4 ways

Similar to banning someone on Instagram, restricting them is more amiable. While restricting a user keeps their comments and messages hidden from you while still allowing them to access your posts, banning a user removes your whole feed and stories from them.

According to Teresa Day, president of PLANOLY, “it’s a more subtle technique to minimize undesired interactions without fully blocking people from accessing your material.” “Unlike Instagram, where you can ban someone, the account you’re limiting won’t be aware.” You may prevent undesired online encounters when you limit on Instagram without violating social media etiquette guidelines.

What Does Instagram Restricting Someone Do?

Blocking, as we all know, stops others from connecting with you on Instagram and from seeing your photos. Simply put, it assists you in avoiding unpleasant encounters with other users without informing them. Restricting on Instagram, introduced as an anti-bullying function, allows you more control over the comments you and your followers see on your posts by restricting which restricted accounts are allowed to post on your profile.

It differs from Instagram’s muting and blocking features. Their messages and comments on your profile will be hidden when you restrict someone. It’s similar to keeping the limited user hidden behind a privacy window so they can see you but not engage with you the way they would normally.

The tool may be helpful when dealing with persistent bullies who comment critically on your Instagram posts and harass you in your Direct Messages. Consider it a soft block—a scaled-back version that provides comparable functionality but in a more constrained way.

What happens when you limit an Instagram account

You won’t be able to see when the restricted user has viewed your messages or when you are online. The future remarks from that individual won’t be reported to you. Their new comments on your postings are only visible to you and the restricted user. You need not be concerned; the user won’t be informed when you limit them. You may limit an Instagram user by using one of these four methods.

Putting restrictions on someone through settings

  • Start your smartphone’s Instagram app.
  • Click on your small profile image in the screen’s lower-right area.
  • The upper right corner of the screen has a three-line menu with three horizontal bars.
  • Select the Settings tab.
  • Press the “Continue” key.
  • Select the Limit checkbox next to the username of the account you wish to restrict after finding it in the search results list. To unrestrict someone, you may also press the Unrestrict checkbox.

Restricting someone via their profile

  • Your smartphone’s Instagram app should be opened.
  • Visit the profile of the individual whose Instagram account you wish to limit.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click or tap the three-dot menu.
  • Select Restrict from the pop-up menu by tapping on it.

Restricting another person via messages

  • Go to the DM area of the Instagram app on your phone by opening it.
  • Visit the individual whose account has to be restricted’s conversation.
  • At the chat’s top, tap the name of the person who is accessible.
  • When you reach the bottom, scroll down and select Restrict.
  • To confirm, press the Restrict account button.

Restricting someone with comments

  • Launch the Instagram app on a mobile device.
  • Visit the article and the comments section.
  • To access the info icon at the top of the screen, tap and hold the comment.
  • In the pop-up box, choose Restrict [username].

Will the Affected Person Know the Restrictions?

You cannot easily find out if someone blocked you. A quick glance at their profile is one way to learn more. Even if you are aware that their Instagram page is operational, they have banned you if you cannot locate it.

The Restrict feature, however, avoids this. A person who is constrained won’t ever be aware of their restrictions. They may still send you messages, comment on your posts, and check your profile just like any other user, so everything seems normal to them. Only on your end is there a difference.

Restricting bullies is not the most significant action since you still leave yourself open to their grasp. Instead, you may prevent bullies from reaching you by hiding your social media profiles.


Depending on your motives and how much access you want to grant that individual to your profile, you may decide to ban or limit someone on Instagram. You should block them if you don’t want them to communicate with you in any manner or to view anything on your profile.

Just make sure you’re OK with the fact that they are aware they have been blocked. Restricting is your most incredible option if you want to avoid someone without them being aware.


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