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NFTs have become popular modern-day digital collectibles during the past two years. Despite the market’s current cooling, researchers predict that it will still increase, from $3 billion in 2022 to $13.6 billion in 2027. There’s more to starting an NFT project than merely producing some art and hope for the best. A successful project will be required to point out the advantages it offers beyond the NFT, like a clear roadmap and utilitie. In order to build long-term value, your NFT would need to be useful enough that investors and collectors would want to be a part of the community.

How to add utility to an NFT ? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything we know about utility NFTs and how to add utility to an NFT to build loyalty and profit . 

What is a NFT Utility ? 

NFT utility refers to the advantages of possessing an NFT that go beyond the fact that it is a rare digital good that can be traded. Utility can take many different forms, typical examples include obtaining tangible items, airdrops, potential whitelist placements in new projects, and more.

The term “utility” refers to the NFT’s additional value, which can take many various forms as long as they all provide benefits to either society at large or NFT holders. Offering value is a simple way to attract investors and develop a strong brand image. How to add utility to an NFT ? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything we know about utility NFTs and how to add utility to an NFT to build loyalty and profit. 

Need and Purpose of a Utility in a NFT

Benefits, usability, and profitability are the three categories into which an NFT utility can be divided. The value of the project is increased by these three different types of utilities, which may benefit NFT holders or the entire community in the case of charitable utilities.

Utilities frequently offer tangible and intangible benefits. Examples of tangible rewards include owning a priceless collectible or earning a certain item in a video game. The secret to making the NFT more valuable is to connect a digital or physical good or a set of advantages to the token.

How to Add Utility To an NFT ?

Here are a few well-known and popular methods for enhancing an NFT utility :

Metaverse Assets

Nike was one of the first businesses to introduce the NFT plunge into the Metaverse. A patent was granted to the company in 2019 for its CryptoKicks, shoes designed for usage in the Metaverse. 

Some of the series’ variations sold for over $130,000 in 2022 after the series’ launch in 2021. Wearables are just one aspect of the expanding market for Metaverse utility NFTs. Nowadays, in the metaverse you can even purchase lands. 

The Metaverse, which provides a distinctive environment for NFT holders from all walks of life to socialize, can bring your community together. Additionally, making an investment in the Metaverse may prove to be a wise long-term decision for your project, accomplishing two goals at once.

Exchangeable NFT

Big companies are making a collection of tangible items (sneakers, bags, or watches). They are working together to create your tokens with an NFT developer. This concept has been successfully tested by big brands and companies. 

NFTs are redeemed by buyers, who then burn the original NFT or benefit from each resale by receiving a royalty. Imagine being able to generate this level of passive income from hundreds of NFT resales.

Grant Early Access to Events/Items 

Any business, whether it be an artist, a startup, or a well-known fashion label, can benefit from this kind of usefulness. A wonderful way for musicians, agencies, or fashion houses to broaden their audience and build their brand is by selling tickets to virtual or actual concerts or fashion shows.

To make your audience feel fortunate, to spread the news, and to pique excitement, give them early access to products that are about to launch. These one-time benefits are a guaranteed method to attract customers and build a following. You could go even further and build a real community around your NFTs.


Making an exclusive NFT collection, possibly a hand-drawn derivative piece of art, for NFT holders is one typical form of giveaway. Another common present is giving away a few NFTs for free to early adopters, especially in the early stages of many ventures. This very successful marketing strategy is employed by most projects in the beginning.

In Game NFT

Metaverse assets belong under this NFT utility category, but gaming is such a vast subject! There are countless applications for NFT in games. It shows the growing competition among game designers to grant players as much freedom as possible. Because of this, a lot of recent games, let players make NFT-based assets.

Because every online gamer wants to stand out, that’s why they have different avatars. Assets that may be traded, such as weapons, armour, skins, or land, and blockchain is the ideal platform for doing so.

User-generated art, since who wouldn’t want to contribute to the design of their favourite game and possibly earn a few dollars from eventual NFT sales?


These are a few ways on How to add utility to an NFT. NFT utilities can help your project succeed and perhaps set it apart from the competitors. A well-designed roadmap and eye-catching utilities can draw in the customer you’re looking for. 

Additionally, activities and products can strengthen a sense of community among users. Although you might not need utilities for your project to succeed, you can do it easily and it will provide a lot of value.


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