Everything About Seed Phrase Axie

by Rohan

The most crucial security measure for crypto users may just be a seed phrase, sometimes referred to as a recovery phrase. Seed phrases can serve as your final line of defense in the case that your hardware wallet or device is damaged, protecting you from losing access to your bitcoin. Hardware wallets are prone to theft, loss, and devastation. Computers crash, phones get dropped, and phones get broken. 

Ensure that every letter is typed down accurately while storing your seed phrase because it is the only means to recover your funds and is more crucial than the hardware wallet itself. Your seed phrase should never be kept online or transferred to the cloud, which is an essential point to remember.

What are Seed Phrases Axie ?

When you set up your crypto wallet, it generates a seed phrase, a collection of random phrases that you can use as a backup in case something goes wrong and you need to regain access to your money. Recovery keys should not be mistaken with private keys, which are alphanumeric strings that let users carry out cryptographic transactions from their wallets despite looking relatively alike. But since anyone with access can make a replica of either wallet or empty its contents, they both need to be protected as carefully.

How does a Seed Phrase Axie ?

Cryptocurrency “lives” as data on the blockchain rather than being physically kept in a crypto wallet. This implies that even if your wallet is somehow compromised, the information corresponding to your funds is still safely stored on the blockchain’s digital ledger.

Seed words are created each time a new cryptocurrency wallet is created, whether it’s a hardware wallet, a software wallet, or an internet wallet. The BIP39 standard, which is utilized by the BitPay Wallet and many other well-known bitcoin wallets to provide 128-bit encryption, is a list of 2,048 English words that is used in the phrases. The majority of seed phrases are between 12 and 24 words long and are exclusive to the wallet that generated them.

When configured properly, a user’s private master key will be generated from the words that make up a seed phrase. The remaining private keys for the user can then be created using this private master key. Usually found in the wallet’s settings, the seed phrase can be used to recover a wallet. For the recovery to be successful, the words must be entered exactly as they were given.

How to Store my Seed Phrase Axie ?

Even if it is password secured, a recovery phrase should never be saved digitally. It can be vulnerable to hackers or criminals if the device it’s stored on ever goes online.

The most secure technique is memorising the seed phrase, but as human memory is fallible, it’s best to use low-tech, retro security measures like a good old-fashioned pen and paper instead. If you want to prevent it from ending up in the wrong hands, write it down. It’s best to let your wallet create itself and must be written in the proper order.

What if I lose my Seed Phrase Axie ?

The trade-off of non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets like the BitPay Wallet is that customers are completely in charge of safeguarding their seed phrase in the event that they need to restore their wallet.

Unfortunately, this implies that you won’t be able to retrieve your money if you self-custody and misplace your wallet or your recovery phrase. However, that is a feature of seed phrases rather than a flaw. They would be useless if there was a fix for a lost seed phrase. Let this stern warning serve as a reminder of how crucial it is to protect your seed phrase at all costs. Consider utilising a custodial service if you feel uncomfortable protecting your seed phrase.

What are Private Key and Seed Phrase Axie ? 

A private key can be compared to your ATM’s PIN code, a password required to withdraw money from a checking account or to authorise a transaction while using a debit card at the register. 

A seed phrase is like a master key to your entire life’s savings, allowing the holder to take complete, long-term control of the account and everything in it.

Can a Seed Phrase Axie be Hacked ? 

A seed phrase may only be compromised by human error, such as a loss in security awareness by keeping it in a Google Doc or a text file on your desktop. If your seed phrase is physically written down or stored in a steel wallet, then no one else can access it until you divulge it or someone takes it. However, there are several documented malware or phishing techniques intended to deceive a user into disclosing their seed phrase, so you should always be extremely wary if someone asks you for your seed phrase for any reason.


You will be unable to access your cryptocurrency assets if you lose control of your wallet or delete it without first making sure that your seed phrase is kept in a secure location. Your seed phrase cannot be changed, and if the worst happens, there is no one to turn to for assistance in recovering your seed phrase.

It’s strongly advised that you avoid creating a digital replica of your seed phrase axie . This entails avoiding emailing or texting it to a friend or yourself. Some people save their seed phrase axie in password managers, however this is not foolproof since weak passwords have been successfully broken, giving hackers access to all the passwords in a person’s vault, including seed phrases.

To protect their seed phrase axie some people avoid paper and write in a durable material. Because paper can be damaged from environmental elements. If the seed phrase axie must be written down, it would be best to keep it in a place that is very secure, such a bank safe deposit box or a fireproof safe.


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