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by Rohan

As a private, members-only community of 1,000 ardent NFT collectors and artists, The Proof Pass Community bills itself as a sect. One would need to own their NFT in order to become a member of the Proof Collective, as you would have surmised. In theory, everyone can take a part in it. However, in reality, a single pass of theirs  currently costs a floor price of about 88 ETH. Unwanted parties should stay away because of the scale of the investment.

What Is Proof Pass NFT ?

1,000 Membership NFTs make up the Proof Collective Pass, which grants access to the Proof environment. If you have a Proof Collective Pass it gives you access to the unique art drops, IRL events,a head start on the Proof podcast,and as well as an early entry to exclusive Proof discord. 

On December 11, 2021, a new batch of Proof Collective passes was introduced. The auction was conducted in Dutch format  with a 5 ETH starting price and a 1 ETH resting price. 

The pass’s initial uses were token access to a personal Discord channel and early access to Kevin Rose’s Proof Pass  podcast taping. 

The Start Of Proof 

Collective Pass

Originally, the proof was envisioned as a select community of NFT enthusiasts and creators. Users would need to possess a Proof Pass Nft in order to join the Proof environment and collective, as well as to enjoy all of the benefits of the Proof ecosystem.

The top collectors on the market showed an immediate interest, and as of right now, Proof Collective Pass NFT holders possess more than 5000 art blocks , 800 bored apes and also 100 cryptopunks.

A few months after the release of the  Proof Collective Pass,the Moonbirds Nfts were added, expanding the Proof ecosystem. The official PFP and ally of the Proof ecosystem are moonbirds. The project’s long-term goals include developing Project Highrise, a metaverse-inspired concept, as well as expanding the mythics and also the moonbird oddities and the other areas.

The team affirms that the metaverse that Proof is building will represent “a radical divergence  from out of the current endless.” 

Who Are the Important Participants in The Proof Ecosystem ?

  • Justin Mezzell – Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Proof.
  • Kevin Rose – Defense Ceo. co-founder of Digg and former business owner. In Silicon Valley’s True Ventures, Kevin is a partner. 
  • Alexis Ohanian – Ohanian, a Reddit co-founder, contributed $10 million to PROOF’s investment round through his venture capital firm, Seven Seven Six. 

In addition to these well-known artists, PROOF has also collaborated with them as a component of its cooperative. 

Updates About The Proof Ecosystem

On August 30, 2022, Proof organised its own kind of a keynote gathering for holders of PROOF, Moonbirds, and Oddities. A conference in California called Future PROOF provides project updates and the roadmap while being webcast live to holders who cannot attend in person. 

Emotes by heart you 

The first PFP project that evidence and a creative on together was emotes. A collection of 1,433 produced NFTs called Emotes by Heart You was made available only to evidence and Heart You holders.


The PROOF ecosystem’s designated PFP project, Moonbirds, is a grouping of 10,000 NFTs. A total of two Moonbird NFTs might be created for each Proof pass bearer, plus any necessary gas costs. On April 16, 2022, 2.5 ETH worth of the remainder of 8,000 NFTs were issued.  


For owners of a Proof pass and Moonbirds, Grails is a special mint. Mint tokens serving as Grails were airdropped to holders of Proof passes or Moonbirds with the “Grails” attribute. 20 works of art were featured in Grails Season 1 and 25 in Season 2. 

With a game theory twist, Proof created Grails in partnership with leading NFT artists. Prior to the mint, the artists’ works are presented to the minters. The names of the artists are not made public until after the mint window, which lasts for a week. Collectors now have a fun game theoretic option to select the artwork and speculate as to which artist in the vicinity perhaps it might have been made.

Only members of the Proof community can purchase Grails, an exclusive mint. With the help of exceptional artists from the NFT community and beyond, each item was specifically created for the Grails drop. 


Owners of an Azuki NFT receive membership access to a unique metaverse called “The Garden,” where they can take part in a variety of activities such as live events, NFT drops, and exclusive streetwear collaborations. In the future, Azuki will have a video game, an animated series, and games, and products, claim the creators. Azuki ownership grants access to unusual goods and experiences. Users must take the lead in helping Azuki build a distinctive Metaverse brand, which they appear to be doing very well. 

How To Purchase Proof Pass NFT ? 

The actions below should be followed by users who want to purchase a Proof Collective Pass Nft. 

  • Visit an NFT marketplace like OpenSea, LooksRare, or X2Y2. 
  • Search for the Proof Pass Nft collection. It is significant to notice that Proof Passes are all identical, in contrast to the majority of other NFT collections. There are no further rarities or qualities to sort through.
  • Select the “Buy Now” button next to the NFT you want after determining an appropriate price. 

After completing all of those processes, the Proof Collective Pass NFT will now be available in your account. You can now use the channels on the private server by logging into Discord and connecting your digital wallet to show that you are the owner of the NFT.


In conclusion, Proof Pass Nft made a splash when it entered the NFT market. A quick ascent and a spotless record have never been witnessed in space. They’ve done everything correctly up until this point. Does that ensure success in the future? Not at all, no. However, it is undeniably stunning. 

Additionally, the group posts NFT-related information on its social media platforms, creates a podcast in which they speak with influential NFT figures, and apparently has a sizable NFT collection. At the very least, its members do.


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