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Before you know NFT Tubers,First we have to know what is NFT Marketing and Who is an Influencer ? So,

What is NFT Marketing ?

Non-fungible asset marketing is the act of advertising your digital artwork on websites including Google, OpenSea, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and others using different internet marketing techniques. 

You have to get a complete NFT marketing strategy because you will be promoting and trading these items on a digital service for various consumers.

Here are some tried-and-true non-fungible token marketing techniques to help you promote your art : 

  • Influencer Marketing for Bitcoin 
  • Optimization for search engines 
  • Promotions on Social Media 
  • Blogging 
  • Email Promotion 
  • Listing of digital assets 
  • Paid Promotions 
  • AMA Meetings 
  • Promotions for online forums

Who is an NFT Influencer ?

An individual who regularly discusses non-fungible tokens on popular social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and several others is known as a non-fungible token influencer. 

Businesses that use non-fungible tokens collaborate with well-known social media influencers to market their goods. A free product is frequently given to the influencer as payment for the partnership. 

The top token influencers may be found on key influencer promotion platforms and non-fungible asset influencer agencies.

Top NFT Tubers On YouTube 


3.97 million people are all YouTube subscribers. 

GaryVee The chairman of VaynerX and well-known businessman Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube channel is called Gary Vee. His YouTube videos include topics such as the social media game and the finest investments for company growth. Veefriends, Gary’s decentralized initiative, is a community for those involved in business and digital assets.

Alex Becker

1.31 million people are all YouTube subscribers. 

Amazon Becker successful YouTube influencer, businessman, author, and public speaker Alex Becker. His name is Alex Becker, and he has a YouTube account. Alex is the proprietor of the SaaS business Market Hero and is best known for creating and producing unique and appealing promotional movies on how to make money. One of the most popular books on generating money is his, The 10 Pillars of Wealth. In addition, he is well known for the Shopify training course he created.

Max Maher

Total YouTube Subscribers : 902K 

Max Maher Maxwell Maher is an established YouTuber with his own channel, Max Maher, where he posts tutorials on how to make money and amass wealth. Technical Analysis Difficult (Until you see this) and “How to Earn $99,000plus Per Year Using FREE Google Certifications” are two of his most watched videos, both with over a million views.

JRNY Crypto

Total YouTube subscribers: 650K 

Crypto JRNY,owner of the well-known YouTube channel JRNY Crypto is Tony Spark. Since 2017, he has been producing videos on his channel about cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. The clips on this video cover subjects including trading, altcoins, and bitcoins. In addition to teaching his audience on YouTube, Tony is the owner of the JRNY Club, Planet Xolo, and Blocknews.com.

Ellio Trades

582K people have joined YouTube in total. 

EllioTrades Influential YouTuber Ellio Trades promotes his channel as the most educational digital asset channel. His YouTube channel covers every facet of the cryptocurrency industry. Elio also hosts live AMAs with developers of token NFTs and other professionals in the field. Both beginners and professionals can benefit from the videos he has produced on his page. The YouTuber’s ability to produce and publish market-related films practically daily to keep his followers up to speed with the latest trend is what makes him so intriguing. In addition to producing material, Ellio founded Plays Imposters and Super Farm.

Anthony Pompliano

These NFT Tuber 436K subscriber.

Anthony,One of the most popular cryptocurrency influencers on YouTube is Anthony Pompliano, the creator of Morgan Creek Digital. He is the host of the well-known podcast The Pomp Podcast, mainly covers finance and business. Pomp allocates a little portion of his investment capital to the asset when he invests in cryptocurrencies, with the majority going into the infrastructure. Prior to all of this, he worked for major corporations like Snap and Facebook.

NFT Verse 

These NFT Tuber has147K Subscribers.

NFT Verse is a YouTube channel that talks all about non-fungible tokens. The channel host is Angel, who has been actively working on creating innovative videos that also educate about recent trends, upcoming projects, top assets, and tutorials to create digital art. His channel has more than fifty videos for the digital token community.

The Bitcoin Express 

These NFT Tuber have 178K Subscribers.

The Bitcoin Express has such a significant online following across all social media channels. This channel produces films about decentralized finance, cryptocurrency, economics, online fraud, and other topics. There are more than 600 educational films on this YouTube channel about decentralized finance.


These NFT Tuber has 59.7K NFT TIMES total followers.

A YouTube channel called NFT TIMES provides its viewers with instructional and useful material for both purchasers and those looking to go into the crypto-creation business. Mr. Fungible, who has been actively engaged in online marketing for the past eight years, is the proprietor of the channel. With his films, he is assisting musicians, educators, digital artists, and other creators in seizing possibilities, developing new goods, and generating high revenues.


These NFT Tuber has 51.9K people have in total. 

A YouTube influencer known as Bento Boi, BentoBoi Chinn provides a wealth of instructional material on investments and cryptocurrencies to his audience. In addition, he helped form WGMI Media and Squishy Squad NFT. The influencer is well recognised for his collection of Jpeg images. Cryptopunks, Ape Yacht Club, Pudgy Penguins, Crypto Gaming, and many other projects are among his top non-fungible token engagements.


Businesses using non-fungible tokens must make special efforts and use innovative marketing techniques to increase their customer base. Are you prepared to go above and beyond to expand your customer base? 

We have assembled the most popular NFT Tubers influencer of 2022 who can inform and acquaint your audience with the realm of decentralized money. 

The influences of digital art described in this article are all experts in the field of non-fungible tokens. You may cooperate with them to get your artwork to potential customers. 

To help you with influencer marketing, you can either work directly with the influencers or use an NFT marketing firm.


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