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by Rohan

The market place for NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens, is called NBA Topshot. The National Basketball Association and the Women’s National Basketball Association are represented on the classic sports trading cards that may be collected. In short, NBA is a blockchain-based platform which enables sports fans to purchase, sell, and exchange non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NBA Top Shot community enjoys a number of special advantages because of the platform’s underlying blockchain technology, which also makes a variety of cutting-edge features possible. Some people claim that the NBA make NFTs cool and the NBA was the best thing that happened to the NFT or crypto world. NBA make NFTs cool on another level.

In the digital collectibles initiative known as NBA Top Shot, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Dapper Labs are partners. The platform allows users to exchange digital assets based on video clips from NBA games and is powered by Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain technology. Additionally, Dapper Labs established the well-known blockchain-based game Crypto Kitties.

Are you wondering what moment NFTs are? 

Moment NFTs are authentic NBA digital collectibles that showcase the best moments from individual players’ and teams’ contests. Moment NFT is produced with a special serial number that contains game and player stats and is authorized by the NBA. These Moments are just like any other collection in that you can purchase, sell, or exchange them. NBA Top Shot Moments are blockchain-based digital valuables. Additionally, they might show classic scenes from the Women’s National Basketball Association or the National Basketball Association. These NFTs are made up of short movies that showcase an amazing on-court moment, such as a buzzer-beating jump shot or a half-court 3-pointer, coupled with details on the team, player, and any additional elements that made the Moment special. Everyone knows NBA make NFTs cool

Moment supply and demand determine how much they are worth. Moments produced in greater quantities won’t have much value. Rare cards do, however, typically increase in value. It is very conceivable that keeping a rare pack will pay off greatly in the future. For instance, on 22 February 2021, a LeBron James slam sold for $208,000. Most collectibles, including NFTs, have variable values. A LeBron slam NFT might end up being tomorrow’s Beanie Babies, after all.

NBA Moment NFTs are further categorized into the following five tiers representing their status and availability. 

1. Common (1000+ copies) 

These are very common as the name suggests. They are easily accessible on the market and don’t have much value in terms of money. The most typical packets, which start at $9 for nine seconds, contain them.

2. Rare (150-999 copies) 

Generally, Rare Moments have a circulation size from 250 to 2,022 and their originality is marketed by neon corners. With prices starting at $22, you may purchase rare or high level packs that are assured to have at least one rare Moment.

3. Legendary (25-99 copies) 

Legendary packets, which start at $230 USD and typically include six common Moments, three rare Moments, and one legendary Moment, are where they can be found.  They are the most important and prestigious in all. With neon corners, the circulation count ranges from 50 to 125. These Moments are the most sought-after due to their rarity. 

4. Platinum Ultimate (3 copies) 

They are available and can be gained only through special events. Instead of being determined by a specific mint number, the circulation count is determined by dynamic demand.

5. Genesis Ultimate (1 copies) 

They are the hardest to gain and can be found only during special events. 

What happens after I purchase a moment? 

Moments are sent to a user’s Top Shot network encrypted wallet after they are purchased and can then be shown off to other users or sold again on their P2P marketplace. In addition to earning money through pack sales, Top Shot also charges a 5% fee for each P2P exchange. The NBA, Dapper Labs, the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), and other investors each receive a share of these earnings (although the exact proportions of this fund distribution have not been disclosed).

Should you consider buying NBA Topshot ? 

Yes definitely! If you’re a true NBA fan and you want to hold something which relates to your passion and desire keeping aside the fact of potential profit, then you should consider investing in topshot. Afterall, the NBA make NFTs cool

Jesse Schwarz broke the price barrier when he paid $208,000 for a Top Shot NFT of LeBron James slam in February 2021. In the short history of the platform, it was the most costly sale. The NFT is still held by Schwarz as of June 2022, but the number of monthly unique buyers on Top Shot has decreased by more than half. 

The fan craze seen during 2021 surrounding the NBA topshot was unquestionable. Packs of minimum rarity were sold out in seconds. However, critics still question the fact why people are willing to pay so much money for a mere video clip which are easily accessible online for free. A simple answer to this might be the basic human nature. We’re collectors. We like having something that no one else has no chance of getting. 

Although purchasing a Top Shot Moment does not grant you exclusive intellectual property rights to the Moment’s video highlight, but sports fans have a long history of paying for the ability to publicly display their fandom, and Top Shot’s resounding commercial success is evidence of this enduring phenomenon.

What are the advantages of NBA top shot? 

  • Good Collecting experience

Moments are digital assets and thus they have no chance of being damaged or stolen where when you buy physical trading cards, they have high chance of being lost. 

  • Easy to use 

Dapper labs designed NBA topshot for rookies and beginners for a clean experience. It’s easy to use. And the main reason why NBA make NFT Cool.

What are the disadvantages of NBA Top shot? 

  • Money Risk 

There is always chance of loosing money as with any investment. Many collectors have reported in the past for purchasing expensive packs but later discovering worthless items inside the pack. Also, there is no guarantee that the buyer can agree with the pricing set by the seller. 

  • Market Demands 

The value of NFTs Topshots depends upon the seller. It’s impossible to predict when prices will detoriate, and expecting some formerly valuable Moments worth much less.


This is all about NBA topshots and only NBA make NFTs cool. Hopefully this article helped you and you found what your looking for .


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