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Joseline Cabaret Season 3 was an instant sensation when it debuted on Tokyo MX in January 2020. Joseline Hachioji, a second-year student at Kazehaya High School, is shy and reserved. It became the topic of romantic comedies, and some of those seemed to be getting big.

Then, in March, there was a Hollywood lockdown, which led to scandals. Additionally, the show appeared to fade from people’s memories. Fans were as a result shocked when Joseline Cabaret Season 3 was revealed. The future of Joseline Cabaret’s third season is still uncertain. There seemed to be a lot left to learn. The third season of Joseline Cabaret adheres to the adage “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

On February 8, 2020, Joseline Cabaret season 2 will start shooting there. The sequel, Joseline Cabaret: Atlanta, was presented on April 18, 2021. Joseline Cabaret: Miami and The Real Blac Chyna’s limited streaming rights were acquired by We TV, according to a statement made on December 10, 2020.

Joseline Cabaret: Las Vegas will return, according to a Zeus announcement on December 20, 2021. For more information, read on!

Know about Joseline Cabaret Season 3?

Joseline Hernandez is probably well-known to fans of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The Puerto Rican Princess is becoming more well-known thanks to her Zeus Network programme “Joseline Cabaret Miami.” Baby Bella’s father is a savvy financial manager. In the interest of a clean nightlife party atmosphere, he is presenting “Nightclub.” While in an upscale men’s club, Joseline Hernandez concentrates on the females who make her seem amicable.

After her turbulent background on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, it’s wonderful to watch the Puerto Rican diva grow. It’s a really fun show. With a substitute lover and a supper club performance, her former nemesis G5ve Miami invites her back. One problem is that she gives off the impression of being a younger, less knowledgeable young woman who doesn’t understand the importance of dressing to sell. Three series on Joseline will premiere simultaneously in January and February 2020 on VH1, including The Cabaret of Joseline and Love and Hip Hop: Miami.

The actress announced on February 8, 2020, that Atlanta will serve as the backdrop for Joseline Cabaret’s second season. Zeus started the series again in September of 2020. On April 15, 2021, the shows will debut, although We TV will continue to oversee them.

When will Joseline Cabaret Season 3 be available?

On October 11, 2019, the powerhouse-driven streaming platform Zeus Network announced that Joseline had inked an agreement to star in and support the growth of her programs.

Joseline Cabaret: Miami’s launch date is set for January 19, 2020, according to a press which was sent out by the show’s producers on January 10, 2020. Joseline claims that on March 2, 2021, filming for the third season of the programme will start in Las Vegas.. Zeus informed us of Joseline Cabaret: Las Vegas at the end of the year 2021. Starting on January 16, 2022, it will occur. Joseline Cabaret Season 3, which takes place in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, just finished airing, and it features a brand-new cast that was introduced in Joseline Cabaret Season 3.

We give you a cast introduction, a summary of Joseline Cabaret Season 3, and an episode schedule in case you want to replay or are viewing it for the very first time.

Members of the Show

Joseline Cabaret Season 3 ought to be emphasized, too, that the group is also coping with a few regulatory troubles. As a result, Joseline Cabaret Season 3 featured a lot of conflict and turmoil. Chanel Tso, Lexi Blow, Jordan, ReRe, Lollipop, Raven, BlkDiamond, K.Kapri, Amber, Henny, and Ms Wet Wet make up the Joseline Cabaret Season 3 cast. The viewers have praised all of the characters in the series since they have all given their all. 

Joseline Cabaret Season 3 Filming Locations

In Las Vegas, Joseline Cabaret’s third season was filmed. The entire production of Joseline Cabaret was actually filmed in Las Vegas. The play was presented in a number of unexpected places because it takes place in nightclubs. 

Where to watch it?

Zeus Network, a streaming platform with a subscription model, offers Joseline Cabaret Season 3. The two subscription options from Zeus are $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year. Numerous other films are available for streaming, along with the other Zeus Network programmes. At the moment, the programme had become the most popular in the nation.

An episode guide is available underneath to assist viewers with watching:

• Episode 1: It’s Vegas Baby!

• Episode 2: You’re Not Needed in the Cabaret

• Episode 3: Who Said Anything Was About Dancing?

• Episode 4: I Chose You

• Episode 5: 1 vs 4

• Episode 6: We’re Having A Pool Party!

• Episode 7: Shake Something

• Episode 8: What Did You Say?!

• Episode 9: The More, The Sexier

• Episode 10: And the Final Lady is…”

• Episode 11: The Final Performance

• Episode 12: The Reunion – Part 1

• Episode 13: The Reunion – Part 2


Miami nightclub performance for Joseline Hernandez is challenging. The story is set at G5ive Miami, the eleven-year employer of Joseline, just as in the 1998 film The Players Club. The action in the movie happened here. In confessional conversations throughout the entire show, the nightclub artists appear as extras. Daisy, Ms. JaaDreams, Lucky Hustla, Chazzity Leslie, Sapphire Eden, and others are other club members (Tierra Williams). Joseline and Ballistic Beats’ antique music is played throughout intermissions (Robin Ingouma).

Two entertainers with light skin tones who are arrogant toward their accomplices with dimmer looks and make offensive comments about them are depicted in the story. This expands their social standing. The profanity, punches, and chaos have already aggressively surfaced in only two episodes. Even though it is entirely assumed that they would be on the same team, we are unsure of the direction the programme will go. We’ll have to keep a close eye on Joseline to see whether she can find her crew A1.


All of its fans and critics praised the show for being both compelling and impactful. Given how amazing the concert was to witness, it has achieved numerous accolades. It is a worthwhile program to see since it makes a point about abuse and spats in a crazy, intense, and theatrical way.


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