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The current floor of this platform is 0.049 along with a total count of 10,011 and 4,637 distinguished unique users. Using game theory and the community to make decisions that benefit the utility, community, and adventure of all participants, Divine Anarchy is a decentralized NFT experiment. From a community of more than 100,000 users, 10,011 NFTs were minted and sold out in less than 4 minutes. For strategic introductions and content creation with NFT influencers, Divine Anarchy collaborated with Crowdcreate’s NFT advising and marketing firm. Some of the biggest businesses in the world rely on Crowdcreate as a premier marketing and advising service for cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The company has raised more than $250 million for more than 500 customer projects. Divine Anarchy expanded their reach through reviews by utilizing the power of these content producers.

On the Ethereum blockchain, Divine Anarchy is a collection of 10,011 original anime-themed digital valuables. Divine Anarchy seeks to be the first NFT MMORPG that will allow its players to have a say in what occurs, setting it apart from competing efforts.

The current floor price for Divine Anarchy (DA) is $54.37, and in the last 24 hours, 0.03 ETH have been sold. As of right now, there have been 9933 NFTs issued, held by 4625 different owners, and valued at $540,090.87 in total.

Breri is an eminent illustrator who is the author of the Divine Anarchy NFTs. He is best recognized for his digital paintings inspired by Samurai culture and frequent use of Oni or Tengu masks from traditional Japanese culture. The Divine Anarchy NFTs have gained admirers from music artists to NFT collectors all around the world thanks to their distinctive and visually stunning art. Many fans displayed their NFTs in place of their PFPs, or profile photographs on social media. 

In Divine Anarchy, There are two sides, Heroes and Nemesis, in a chaotic universe. Various unusual characters from Atlanteans, Mongols, Genesis, and other races can be found among these factions after they become familiar with our planet.

The top rated NFT projects are generally differentiated with themselves based on the following factors : 

  • Work of Art 
  • Utility 
  • Life Expectancy
  • Team 

The Divine Anarchy Discord and Telegram community, which had over 100K members at the time of minting, is a prime example of a vibrant and growing community. With other early initiatives like MekaVerse, Divine Anarchy was one of the first to reach member heights.

Wondering how to Play Divine Anarchy ? No worries, We got you! 

So, The story behind the Divine Anarchy Game goes as, According to the legend, The Creator sent a flood onto the planet as a result of humanity’s extreme impudence. Certain areas were destroyed. Societies had to relocate.

Ten Ethereal Monarchs were chosen in his place, vowing to never again sentence humanity to such a destiny. The Ethereal Monarchs served as the leadership of the Divine Tribunal, which was established by the Creator because he believed that the inhabitants of the earth should decide what happens to them. Six thousand years have passed since the Great Flood. The Ethereal Monarchs have exercised their intrinsic power to pass judgement on humanity once more as a result of humanity’s debauchery. Every person chosen to take part in the Divine Tribunal is a change agent, regardless of the good, evil, or neutral intents of humanity.  

The Divine Anarchy NFT collectable allows users to take part in building a complex plot, competing for ascendancy, and so much more.

GET A WALLET: Create an Ethereum wallet using Metamask (for example) 

PURCHASE ETHEREUM: Purchase Ethereum on exchanges like Coinbase.

GET NFT CHARACTER: To select your first character, visit Raritymon and compare it to OpenSea.

Voting is available on the Divine Anarchy website. 10,000 Citizens representing 9 distinct Bloodlines have been selected to take part in the Divine Tribunal. The other 5,000 Citizens are born as Nemesis, whereas 5,000 of the Citizens are born as Heroes.

VOTING RULES: There will be three rounds of voting in which both citizens and monarchs may take part. They’ll all vote for one candidate in your wallet collection. Votes from NFTs that have already cast ballots are redone if you obtain them. What kind of characters you hold and how many you have affect your voting power.


They do distribute 500 Ascension Apples and 500 Bad Apples, respectively, to the winning side’s votes at the conclusion of each phase.


All 5000 residents of either Hero or Nemesis will be chosen by The Creator to ascend after the three verdicts have been rendered, evolving their NFT personas. Characters from Ascended will airdrop with Season 2.


Ascension Citizens of the defeated faction have the chance to advance thanks to apples.


An NFT can be sacrificed in exchange for an Ascension Apple using Bad Apples. The NFT that has been burned will be moved to a graveyard wallet.

Some Strategies for NFT Community Growth are given as follows : 

Encouragement of internal champions might result in unexpected organic material that can make your project stand out from the competition. The number of NFT collectors producing actual posters of their NFTs to share in the real world in the Divine Anarchy area was a good illustration. By organising giveaways and working with other groups that share your interests, you may thank active community members. When the community supports something, even something as straightforward as a reshare or retweet can be effective. During the mint day, Ethereum gas costs skyrocketed. Their development team laboriously searched for answers all night long, but to no effect. To make things right, AssetBender claimed to have used $20,000 USD of his own funds to pay for accelerated gas costs and to allow the community to continue minting, which the community embraced. AssetBender’s commitment gained him the respect and zeal. On numerous occasions, his account would remain online and respond to community inquiries for more than 20 hours. His words “I’M NOT FUCKING LEAVING” became a catchphrase for the neighborhood as a result.

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