Everything About Blue Chip NFT 

by Rohan

A well-established digital quality with high chance of rising of and maintaining their profitableness typically referred by the term Blue Chip NFT. There area unit some metrics to live a Blue Chip NFT, despite the actual fact that these investment-grade NFTs may be discovered during a variety of various forms. 

Blue Chip area unit non-fungible(which may be coppied, divided or substituted) tokens area unit well-known NFT initiatives that area unit anticipated to be reliable, successful, or maybe reliable, significantly as extended investment choices, like blue chip firms. however there’s one vital distinction. Blue chip assets typically have a positive history that justifies people’s religion in them. so a past history does not quite exist for blue chip NFT comes. It’s hardly stunning given the youth as well as each blockchain technology and NFTs.

What makes a nft “blue chip” ?

A attributes that outline Associate in Nursing NFT assortment as “blue chip” area unit neither mounted nor final, but the bulk of those digital content or works of digital style share these essential traits: a high floor worth, vital trade volume, and whole ambassador or celebrity support.

The factors that decide a Blue Chip NFT

-Some factors that decide a Blue Chip NFT:-

1) The fabric

-While trying to find a valuable NFT, the substance is that the most significant issue to require under consideration. area unit they items of art, portraits, songs, videos, or in-game items? Is it original and original, or is it a replica of one thing that already exists?

The majority of the NFT market is controlled primarily by NFT avatars, conjointly referred to as profile footage (NFT PFPs). As a result, many recently launched comes area unit copies of CryptoPunks, that fictional the NFT avatar style. to see whether or not a project is exclusive, look to NFT collections that area unit already on the trail to valuable standing.

2) Acknowledgment of names

-Prior connexion the NFT market, standard artists area unit significantly a lot of possible to unleash a project that’s thought to be worthy. for example, Beeple was already a famed digital creative person before he swayback his toes into the NFT world. Beeple set a record in March 2021 once he sold  one NFT masterpiece at Christie’s for Associate in Nursing astounding $69 million.

3) Floor and ratio

-The price of Associate in Nursing NFT will increase as its floor worth rises. Associate in Nursing NFT may well be a candidate for valuable standing once a high floor worth is combined with tons of market activity. Overall sales, that shows a project has inherent stability, is what justifies a high interest rate. as a result of their floor worth and sales volume, NFTs issued by Bored Ape lodge or CryptoPunks, for example, may be thought to be blue chips.

4) Development cluster and goal

-A label’s development team is simply as vital as (if no more vital than) its creative person. The sensible contract that generates the NFT and its utility options should be coded by developers. once evaluating the value of the event team’s work, talent and knowledge area unit essential. Associate in Nursing anonymous development team raises suspicions and is a lot of possible to fade when a project is launched. Developers United Nations agency area unit clear and engaged during a project’s development, even when it’s launched, introduce religion within the project’s success.

Sponsorships from businessmen or known individuals – An initial known name might either facilitate or ruin a venture. Stars like Jimmy Fallon, Steph Curry, Reese Witherspoon, Snoop Dogg, and Post Malone have all promoted NFTs. Their influence might assist a project deliver the goods valuable standing. Naturally, one should still conduct their personal analysis as against supporting a venture fully since it’s the support of a celebrity. 

What may be the instance of Blue Chip NFT? 

So here area unit some samples of Blue Chip NFT :- 


A few of the first adopters within the NFT field is CryptoPunks. one in every of the primary cryptocurrency collectable ventures, it consists of ten,000 NFTs that were created on Ethereum and discharged by animate being Labs back in 2017. Anyone might have purchased a CryptoPunks NFT image long ago if that they had paid the Ethereum gas fees. Owning Associate in Nursing NFT from this current assortment is prefer to possessing a valuable, distinctive Rolex measuring system.

Bored Ape

A newest member of the neighbourhood, Bored Ape lodge, has already gained vital momentum. The 10,000 NFTs during this venture, that is analogous to CryptoPunks’, area unit all cartoon apes with every which way generated expressions, fur, clothing, accessories, and different characteristics. The BAYC community uses these characteristics to estimate Associate in Nursing ape’s rarity.Yuga Labs issued the Bored Ape NFTs on Ethereum at the start of 2021. it had been the primary initiative to make on the CryptoPunks plan by as well as a road map, a non-public forum, and numerous additional blessings and rewards for investors. It gained quality as a results of sponsorships from variety of known individuals, as well as Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber.

Cool Cats.

Another recent update, Cool Cats, saw superb growth quickly, replicating the success of Bored Ape lodge. The 9,999 blue cartoon cats during this assortment, that was created in Gregorian calendar month 2021, all have every which way generated hairstyles, caps, decorations, facial gestures, and attire.The venture has succeeded in capturing the enthusiasm for cats on the web. Fans have ranked the cats as to how “cool” they are depending just on various combinations of physique, appearance, and attire that each Cool Cat has. Owners of NFTs from the series are the only ones who can participate in NFT raffles, airdrops, community giveaways, priority minting for upcoming Cool Cats ventures, and more. Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks have achieved greater success than Cool Cats, yet it has been able to take third place in both sales volume and popularity. Stats from CoinGecko shows that the floor price for a Cool Cat NFT is close to $20,000. In March 2022, its total market value was $197 million.

Are blue chip NFTs a good investment ?

Blue-chip NFTs can be a valuable decision, however the majority of those are out of reach. Due of each NFT’s individuality, values for NFTs from the same collection can vary greatly. Begin with the least expensive investment in the package if you are a beginner. Those are reasonably priced and usually the most straightforward to resale for a quick profit.

When individuals are without a large sum of money to buy shares, one should always look for NFTs with the capability to become blue-chip securities in the coming years. Naturally, this won’t be simple: Finding future blue chips will require work because there are millions of NFTs produced every day.


Blue chip NFTs are long-term investments that are anticipated to be stable in terms of value and profitable. Blue chip NFTs share a number of traits in common, including a relatively high floor price, brand power, celebrity sponsorships, team dedication, and practical applicability. World of Women, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), and CryptoPunks are a few well-known blue-chip NFT projects. All things considered, beginning the Web3 adventure with blue chip NFTs can be expensive but also a worthwhile endeavour. Along with earning possible cash benefits, joining the NFT community of your choice will allow us to make new friends. We can browse WAGMI guides section for additional special guides.

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