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Wpit18 is a well known online betting game where many players engage in competitions such as chicken fighting. It is one of the most popular game among the Filipinos. Wpit18 is not any chicken fighting competition, it is literally business. Though some nations do not allow fight betting but it is allowed in other places. Wpit18 is an algorithm that manages the website and makes sure everything during the event runs well. It’s really simple to utilise the website; all you have to do is click “Register” to set up an account.WPIT18 will also offer an opportunity for attendees to network and build relationships with other IT professionals from around the world. We will be discussing the pros and cons of Wpit18 so keep reading!

What is Wpit18 exactly?

In simple words, it is a game between hens. These hens are brought by people from the Philippines. The game includes the members and their hens who participated in the game. The members might also compete with each other. Wpit18 is not permitted in many places. You can find out more about Wpit18 simply by going to their website, Wpit18.com.

What is the game’s objective?

The wpit18 Registration form states that the Filipinos bring their roosters to the open field fight. At the conclusion of each game, the player with the most roosters wins. Several roosters compete in this kind of event. They also lose a lot of blood and regularly get hurt. This is a very unmoral and inhuman thing to do. People let the roosters die or suffer serious injuries. Animals are not our toys, we should love them and cherish them. Thankfully, a lot of non-governmental organizational and foundations are trying their best to stop this brutality. This act of violence demonstrates how callous people can be. Because Wpit18 is a mean of making money, all the Filipinos are aware of these events and take active part in these competitions. Both the winner and runner-up receive cash prize. No one is concerned if any rooster dies or gets hurt during the game. 

Steps to sign up for Wpit18

If you are still interested in signing up for Wpit18, keep reading. It is not very easy to participate in Wpit18. One must follow the guidelines and rules they have in the website. If you want more detailed information about Wpit18, visit https://www.wpit18.com to find out more.

Steps to become an agent in the Wpit18 website:

You have to apply for this position. Once you become an agent, your income would be around $5,000 to $15,000 annually. You should have the option to accept payment online. 

You may also find other promotions on different social media sites. 

Complete the Wpit18 registration 

You just have to follow these easy instructions to register for wpit18.

  • First, fill out the form at https://www.wpit18.com.
  • And then create a new account there.
  • Enter all the necessary information, including your name, phone number, and Facebook ID.
  • Fill out the application and then wait for the approval from Wpit18.

You can also follow these steps: 

  • You can go to “https://wpc2029.live/” as a webpage.
  • You will find the “DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT YET?” option. 
  • From the drop-down menu, choose “Contact Us.”

Following will be your options :- 

Filipinos can reach me on WhatsApp at 09451491761 and Viber at 09638900729

If you want to help others: Globe: 0926733942; Smart: 09632797978.

The next step will be calling the administrator at the above numbers in order to register. Soon after that you will be given a username and password after you get registered successfully in Wpit18.

Is Wpit18 safe and legal?

We have already described what is Wpit18 and exactly how it works. So I guess you can realize if it’s lawful. This game is totally against peace and basic animal rights. We are never allowed to hurt any creature, animals or birds or any other thing in nature. Wpit18 is definitely not legal. It is unlawful and restricted in many places. But still a vast majority of people in the Philippines and different nations take it as a legitimate game and are earing from such games which includes bloodshed. Even if you’re bringing in cash through games such as Wpit18, still this game should be banned totally. Harming animals should not be a way to bring in cash.

Purpose of Wpit18 

People from the Philippines and Australia bring chickens to the battle and let the chickens fight to death in the open field. The person with the most chickens alive wins toward the finish of every game. A lot of chickens die towards the end and the other are severely injured. We should revolt against these types of games and competitions which include harm for the animals. Such games should be banned worldwide. Wpit18 is a frequent occasions in the Philippines as they are a notable method to earn cash prizes. 

What are the principal benefits of Wpit18?

You can easily decide if you want to participate in the game after registration. It is not necessary to participate once you’re done with the registration. You can begin playing right away if you’re interested. Getting good grades in Wpit18 is quite difficult. It will be difficult for you to win in these games because expert online players frequently play them, such as Wpit18. In Lucky 8, there is an option to refuse to register a new client. Lucky 8 can rightfully remove the person from the website who’s application has been rejected. Any customer may request Lucky8 to remove a particular someone. You can register in the Wpit18 website for free but there are certain guidelines you need to follow. 


You can request Lucky8 to remove a customer from Wpit18. Lucky 8 can also delete or suspend a customer’s account. I think it is unethical game and it should not be played. There are various other ways one can bring in money except Wpit18. We should protect our nature and the animals rather than using them for some money.


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