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The best artists and celebrities from sports, music, cinema, gaming, technology, and entertainment are featured in the validated artwork that is auctioned off by Ethernity, a premium accredited NFT enterprise.

Non-fungible tokens are used to symbolize each of these digital pieces of art as well as the AR unlockable, virtual world integration, and real-world valuables (NFTs). A part of the money earned by the pieces, which feature well-known public persons and IPs, will be donated to charitable causes.

In order to provide an entirely separate route to rare, valuable material from well-known figures and very well established visual artists, Ethernity Chain combines the functionality of DeFi [Decentralized Finance] and fuses it along with NFTs. 

What Is The Ethernity Marketplace ?

Users can purchase genuine NFTs from a variety of well-known people on the Ethernity Marketplace, which is an NFT marketplace (e.g. Ovechkin, Messi, ect). Users may make sure they are purchasing from a reliable source by using the Ethernity NFT marketplace (the actual celebrity selling the NFT). NFT transactions are carried out on-chain.


ERN is used by users to purchase aNFTS (“authenticated NFTs”).
In the event that Eternity Chain is paid in ERN tokens in exchange for NFTs (including NFT auctions, direct sales of NFTs, and NFT packs), we place 75% of the ERN tokens received in a two-year lock in the Eternity Chain Reserve blockchain network.
We will periodically release tokens and replenish the Staking & Incentives Pool for Financial intermediaries after the first two years. As fewer tokens are in use, the cycle reduces the supply of NFTs, creating organic scarcity.Users can LP stake to gain ERN and use these rewards to buy NFTs, or they can directly buy ERN.

2. Ethernity Packs

The ecosystem of the Eternity Chain mostly consists of Ethernity Packs.
Each of these packs will cost between $50 and $300 USD depending on rarity and be available for purchase in ERN, making it possible for any retail investor to take part in this community NFT lottery model. The Ethernity Chain creative team-curated aNFTs collectibles can be found by users inside these packs. Extremely expensive and rare NFTs may be randomly inserted in some of these packets. There will always be a possibility for collectors to score an Ethernity Pack containing rare & distinctive NFTs from verified, licenced noteworthy individuals or Ethernity Genesis NFTs because they won’t know what is in each pack. Ethernity Packs will be available in a variety of price ranges and compilations. The Ethernity Community will receive these compilations gradually.


The LP Staking programme for Ethernity Chain will formally continue forever. The users of the Eternity Chain network and long-term owners of ERN tokens, in our opinion, deserve compensation for their commitment to our project. Community members can stake their LP tokens on our system in order to receive incentives in ERN (E(a)rn ERN) if they desire to provide liquidity for ERN/ETH on Uniswap.

A limit of 50,000 ERN will be allocated for pay-out to ERN/ETH liquidity providers on Uniswap V2 each month as part of the Liquidity Rewards Program. The ERN Rewards token bucket is where the Liquidity Reward System gets its tokens from.
The APY will be handed out monthly and will range from 100% to 300%.


The proportion of STONES needed to redeem a given NFT will depend on the current market price at which that NFT has been sold. Eternity Chain will periodically drop NFTs and Ethernity Packs for Ethernity STONES farmers.

How does Ethernity Chain function ?

Limited run, non-fungible tokens with blockchain-based authentication are created by Ethernity Chain. Ethernity’s workings, however, are not extremely complicated:

An artist creates a piece of digital art first.
The digital artwork is then verified by Ethernity, and this is indicated by an icon.
The artwork is subsequently sold at an auction, when a select few pieces are bought.
The non-fungible tokens are created by the winning accounts in the bidding.
Future sales and a specific percentage of the auction’s revenues will be donated to good causes. The digital artwork’s owner can sell the piece directly since they control the ANFT on the blockchain.
For the purpose of maintaining and growing its service offerings, Ethernity has a for-profit business strategy. However, it places a strong emphasis on aiding philanthropic endeavours. Clients may contribute up to 90% of the money they spent buying digital art to charity; the leftover 10% is split between Ethernity and marketplace/gas fees.
Community Drops on Ethernity
Ethernity began its first “Community Drop” with Australian-born graphic designer BossLogic, who is well-known for his work with Disney and Marvel Studios, shortly just after release in March 2021. This set is known as the Ethernity Chain x BossLogic Collection. This compilation of visual art includes 2501 non-fungible, verified tokens.
As time goes on, it’s anticipated that there will be more high User Community Drops with prominent digital artists. 

Ethernity Chain (ERN): Is It a Smart Investment?

Because of their high volatility, cryptocurrencies are viewed as a risky investment. Being relatively new, investing in them may yield great profits or, alternately, may completely fail. As usual, do your own research before deciding whether to invest.

Holders can farm A-NFTs and cast ballots, according to ERN supporters. It is constructed on the Ethereum network, and the group’s main goal is working with well-known individuals to produce NFTs. Celebrities promoting their NFTs on the Eternity Chain Marketplace can increase interest in ERN, which could lead to an increase in price.


Non-fungible tokens have truly entered the mainstream. The demand for NFT authentication has arisen as a result of this quick expansion, and Ethernity is a pioneer in this area. Collaboration with well-known artists could go a long way further towards legitimising the platform, even though Ethernity is a recently founded business and information about its team isn’t as easily accessible as it is for numerous other crypto-related initiatives. Since NFT marketplace OpenSea, for example, does not have its own token, some people may question the need for a token. However, Ethernity’s ERN token allows holders to take part in the system’s decentralisation while staking to produce valuable ANFTs. Ethernity is

well-positioned to establish itself as a market leader in the ANFT sector, but it will have to maintain its momentum via elevated collaborations with top digital creators.


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