10 Best Crypto Discord Servers in 2022

by Rohan

Due to the recent popularity and rise of cryptocurrency made the crypto market very profitable. Many businesses are now accepting digital currency as a form of payment. The total value of all bitcoin transactions is predicted to surpass $10 billion this year, up 70% from 2021.

If you are new, you probably have to join a few social media groups for updates. Despite Reddit and Twitter’s role in building significant crypto communities. Discord is becoming more and more popular among crypto lovers worldwide. In discord members may talk about news, whether you want to learn about trading, latest deals, technology and market relating to cryptocurrencies. 

However, finding the best Crypto Discord is difficult. And to choose one that will fit your needs is very tough. Don’t worry, Here are your top 10 Crypto Discord servers in 2022.

Top 10 Crypto Discord

1.The Crypto Nation

Crypto nation is one of the best servers for a beginner and newbie. This crypto community has little over 1,000 members, it’s a tiny but trustworthy community of cryptocurrency lovers.

NFTs, DeFi, and ADA coins are among of their most popular themes. Basic market analysis and technical issues for novices are the main topics of conversation.

2. CryptoHub

CryptoHub is the best place to start for new users. This Crypto Discord server is free and has over 12,000 users. In order to offer beginner traders a head start, it features trading 101, HODL, cryptocurrencies, crypto currency exchanges, and NFTs.

The majority of trade signals on the server are based on futures or agreements between investors bet on the future value of a coin. 

Freebies, NFTs, memecoins, and APY/Yield Farms are available to premium users. By contacting the administrator via the support channel, you can get a four-day premium trial. Monthly premium membership is $10, and can be cancelled anytime. 

3. r/CryptoCurrency

It is geared at novices who are just starting out on their bitcoin journey. Over 92,700 employees are diverse in their origins and degrees of expertise. Users frequently get points on this server, which leads to levelling up. For more serious discussions with other traders, they could use alternative channels. On r/CryptoCurrency, channels for NFTs, yield farming, mining, and alternative coins are all discussed. They also offer channels for technical analysis, trading view tools and price requests, educational resources, and market insights and research.

4. Cryptodra

Cryptodra has order books and derivative market data. This server has a data-driven methodology to provide in-depth information on the market. This server has over 1,600 members. Members receive a broad market overview and conversation about everything relating to cryptocurrencies. 

Members of a premium membership receive a Zoom call that goes through every aspect of cryptocurrency trading, from risk management to trading psychology and discussing the drawbacks of reading order books and technical analysis. The cost of a lifetime membership is $699. 

5.TodayWe Push

TodayWePush has 65819 members. Bitcoin and the server also provide pumping channels that debate other coins in addition to Bitcoin. This Crypto Discord server focused on pumping or increasing the price of tokens.

TodayWe Push is made up of seven channels for various subjects. A channel for the admin’s general announcements, which include all server-related information. This server uses an affiliate system. You may invite other people on this server. The channel discusses the background and successful outcomes of the pump. 

6. Larva Labs

Larva Labs created on-chain NFTs CryptoPunks, Meebits, and Auto Glyphs. The first crypto Discovered platform specifically designed for NFTs was this server. One of the more organised Crypto Discord communities is the Larva Labs server. It only has one member channel despite having more than 63,600 members. Users primarily talk about bids on CryptoPunks there. Additionally, a CryptoPunk bot joins the conversation to make real-time announcements of punk offers and deals.

7.WallStreetBets Crypto Pumps

WallStreetBets, is focused on different cryptocurrency niches. If you are a member of the channel, you can also take part in the conversation. This server has 105289 members. This Crypto Discord server primarily functions as a pump group, where members of the community choose to purchase a token on one exchange in order to raise its price and profit. The other channels are devoted to conversations about trading and investing, DeFi and NFT,  and a profit-lists channel where you may record your winnings etc. 

8. Cracking_Crypto

Cracking_Crypto has 13000 members on their server. This Crypto Discord server has a trading club that focuses on cryptocurrencies. Its employees are full-time traders with backgrounds in Forex and cryptocurrency platforms.

Users of Cracking Crypto’s premium membership get access to the trade diaries, in-depth videos, and courses of the team. Members may pick up the fundamental technical skills of cryptocurrency trading, from planning to portfolio allocation.

9. Elite Crypto Signals

Elite Crypto Signals was founded in 2018. It has 29,000 users on this public server. This Crypto Discord server goal is to give users information on reliable entry and exit locations for trading. The server features an affiliate system. It also uses technical and fundamental analysis. 

This server costs $50 for premium function. Daily updates with extremely useful trading signals. By only inviting individuals into the server, users may upgrade to premium membership. Premium membership for one month with 30 invitations, or a lifetime membership with 200 invites.

10. Axion Crypto-Community

Axion Crypto-Community has more than 38,000 members. Trade and investment, entrance and exit points, and trade signals dominate discussions. Technical experts on the server predict future bitcoin movements and then alert users to purchase and sell signals. Costs for a trial subscription are $20.69.

Axion offers VIP memberships that may be purchased on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. This membership offers priority access, staff-only premium chat, on-demand technical analysis, and VIP-only premium chat.


More individuals are likely to get into cryptocurrency. As the market surges past the $2 trillion. People might be able to understand this thing more quickly with the help of the Crypto Discord servers. Discord is a wonderful place to learn more about cryptocurrencies, trade signals to make money, meet new people, and share your expertise with others.

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