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Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have dominated the cryptocurrency market. Between 2020 and 2021 NFT sales have grown 130 times. Digital assets can be used to purchase through NFTs. These assets are non-fungible because they are exchangeable. They can be traded much like tangible things. You can increase your exposure on social media and search engines if you work with a reputable and skilled NFT marketing agency.

The majority of decisions, nevertheless, will be made by the NFT marketing agency. You must put more of an emphasis on trustworthy, seasoned, and well-respected agencies rather than new and inexperienced agencies.

If you’re confused, you might want to take a look through this article. We will discuss the best NFT marketing agency in the list below. You can examine the characteristics and other variables before making your decision. 

NFT Marketing Agency

There are a few agencies that have established themselves as leaders in the fields of blockchain and NF. Marketing in the ever-evolving world of marketing. On behalf of their clients, these companies have proven to be highly adept at developing effective NFT campaigns and carrying them out effectively.

1. CryptoPR

One of the earliest blockchain and digital transformation consulting firms, Crypto PR today works with multi-million dollar companies. Leading cryptocurrency and metaverse marketing firm CryptoPR provides services to advertise cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, tokens, and NFTs. With over 100 employees as of today, the company has been in business for more than two years and has developed rapidly throughout that period.

CryptoPR’s popularity grew due to a campaign for Lucky Block, an advanced blockchain-based gaming platform with its own tokens and NFTs. The Lucky Block cryptocurrency was the one whose market cap reached $1 billion the fastest, and CryptoPR helped the creators raise $5 million in just six weeks. The token currently has over 55,000 distinct owners, and its daily trading volume is in excess of $3 million.

CryptoPR provides a customized promotional service that includes PRs, celebrity endorsements, shilling campaigns, and more makes it the top NFT marketing agency. The largest comparison and review websites will list your project as part of CryptoPR’s advertorials and features service. These components targeted traffic generation for your project, increasing investment opportunities. 

2. Coinbound

Customers may promote and publicise their projects in a number of ways with the help of Coinbound. And more than five years’ experience in the industry. An established NFT marketing company is Coinbound. In the blockchain industry, Coinbound has built strong relationships with influential people who can help spread your message via social media all across the world.

They can help NFT brands with media buying, setting up and managing discord, NFT influencer marketing, and more. The agency has developed a reputation for producing outstanding campaigns with a superior ROI.

To connect with a vibrant community of bitcoin investors, the agency makes use of practically all social media channels. Additionally, they’ll look after your social media profiles, allowing you to build communities for your NFT business on websites like Telegram and Discord.

3. NinjaPromo

NinjaPromo focuses on NFT PR and marketing, therefore they are knowledgeable on how to deliver your message to the appropriate audience. They’ll work with you to develop a thorough marketing plan that focuses on your target markets and enables you to get the outcomes you want.

When it comes to promoting fresh blockchain initiatives and assisting with their expansion, this agency has a huge amount of experience and knowledge. They are aware of the significance of NFTs and how both businesses and consumers may gain from them.

To help you ensure exposure and reach, they also offer a comprehensive range of marketing services, including media relations, social media marketing, content marketing, and more. 

4. X10 Agency

You can deceitfully start your DeFi, STO, NFT, and IEO/ICO with X10 NFT marketing Agency. It has a thorough understanding of NFTs, cryptocurrency exchanges, utility and security token sales, as well as marketing for blockchain and FinTech businesses.

X10 positions itself as a beginning point for projects, audience participation, and long-term objectives in its marketing materials. X10 offers a variety of services, such as PR &

Strategy and marketing advice, full-service marketing campaigns, creative design and branding, as well as community management, are some of the services that X10 provides.

5. Lunar Strategy

This NFT marketing firm with a focus on crypto, NFT, GameFi, DeFi, metaverse, and Web3. Its headquarters are in Lisbon, Portugal. Its staff is made up of cryptocurrency aficionados with a range of backgrounds. This organisation is committed to real community development as a means of enhancing NFT projects.

Paid advertising, social media management, public relations and influencer marketing, community building, and other services like SEO and landing page optimization are all offered by the company.

Notably, Lunar Strategy emphasises its ability to pivot and calls itself “agile,” guaranteeing that your campaign is optimised. In terms of trustworthiness, Lunar Strategy has won various accolades, such as the “Top Rated ICO Marketing Agencies” award from SoftwareWorld and the “Top Blockchain Development Company” award from GoodFirms.


The current NFT boom is estimated to increase over the next several years. To launch your token and make it stand out, you’d still need the assistance of NFT marketing agency whether you work on your own project or with established NFT developers. You can obtain all the benefits you want, with the help of an NFT marketing agency. Due to the recent NFT boom there are a lot of NFT marketing agency in the market nowadays. Finding the ideal one is the key. You can choose anyone from the names mentioned above as options. Since each will be different, you can look over them to choose which best fits the requirements of your project.


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