Axie Infinity Marketplace QR Code and Everything you need to know

by Rohan

A blockchain-based game metaverse created by Sky Mavis was introduced in 2018. It is called Axie Infinity. Players can collect and breed a virtual pet called “Axie” in this one-of-a-kind blockchain-based game.

The non-fungible token ERC-721 is called AXS (NFT). Every pet is a different and distinctive digital asset. A minimum of three Axie NFTs must be purchased from the Axie Marketplace before you can begin playing. The setup of a Ronin wallet is also required, in addition to having an Ether wallet like Metamask.

The NFT game Axie Infinity has gained popularity across several cryptocurrency ecosystem circles since it was released and made available for pre-order in February 2018.

Battle, breeding, land, and market are the four essential components of Axie Infinity. With each side always having three Axies, combat is a turn-based card game where the goal is to defeat the opposition. Because each Axie NFT has unique characteristics, it can be used for a variety of gaming roles.
Each Axie will be separated into a number of groups, including those for birds, reptiles, sea species, plants, moons, stars, and nuts. Axies can be bred for sale or combat use. Each NFT Axie can only be bred a maximum of seven times due to the Axie population being managed by the Axie Infinity game to control price inflation. Each time you produce your Axie, you’ll also be charged 0.002 ETH.

Additionally, you’ll need to buy an ERC-20 token called a Smooth Love Potion (SLP). SLP can be acquired in the metaverse or exchanged on decentralised markets (DEXs). Meanwhile, the 90,601 pieces of land that make up Lunacia, Axie’s “Homeland,” are each an ERC-721 token. Axie resides on the property, and purchased items from the Axie Marketplace can be used to enhance its characteristics.
The marketplace for the Axie Infinity game is called Axie Marketplace. You can readily find Axies, Land, and a variety of other game-related things through this marketplace.
The Axie market is another site where you can purchase or sell Axies. Even said, there are additional NFT marketplaces where you can sell or purchase Axie. 

Four simple methods to install Axie Infinity on Android

1.Visit the trusted browser.
2.Check out To confirm that you are a human and not a robot, you might need to answer the ReCaptcha question there. After that, simply click the hamburger menu icon and choose “Play Now.” The mobile programme will start downloading right away.
3.Repeat steps 1 and 2 to obtain the Axie Infinity Marketplace QR code, but use a computer this time. Mavis Hub will start downloading immediately after you click “Play Now.” Launch Mavis Hub.exe after installation. [This Requires Axie Infinity Marketplace QR Code]
You can choose Axie Infinity Marketplace QR Code by selecting the settings icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
The only thing left to do is use your Android handset to scan the Axie Infinity Marketplace QR code to log into Axie Infinity.
4. Ask your manager for the Axie Infinity Marketplace QR code to avoid steps 3 and 4 if the password and email address are not provided.

That’s all, then! Axie Infinity is now playable on an Android device.
Only your email and password are required to log in; in the case of students, the manager would have given you your Mavis Hub email and password.

The quickest and easiest way to generate a new Axie Infinity Marketplace QR code is to log out of your MP account, then just log back in to receive the new Axie Infinity Marketplace QR code. Consequently, the aforementioned process is a more involved technique to obtain a fresh Axie Infinity Marketplace QR code.

How to Register for an Axie Marketplace Account

Get an Ethereum wallet and install it
You must have an Axie account in order to purchase and sell Axie Infinity products on the Axie Marketplace. Additionally, users need to download the Ethereum Wallet in order to store assets. MetaMask is one that you may utilise. MetaMask is accessible on both mobile and desktop devices.

Here’s how to get MetaMask and set it up:
Click here:
Next, choose the platform you wish to download from by clicking “Download Now.”
then adhere to the installation instructions.
Make a Ronin wallet next.
The developer of the video game Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, created Ronin as a side chain. Activities and transactions involving Axie will happen here. You need a Ronin wallet in order to utilise it. The Ronin wallet extension is available here.

Similar to downloading MetaMask, select “Add to Chrome” on the Ronin Wallet page in the Chrome Web Store.
As soon as you add the Ronin Wallet extension to Chrome, it will become visible to the right of your webpage. Then click “Get Started.”
You must carry out three actions in order to create a Ronin wallet.

If you already possess a Ronin wallet, you can choose “I already have a seed phrase.” wallets with you. In that case, you might choose “I’m new. Time to get up! Establish a password.
Next, make a copy of the seed phrase and store it safely.
Check the seed phrase.
Then, you may access your wallet by clicking the Ronin Wallet extension.

How to Buy Games on the Axie Marketplace

Axie Infinity requires three axes, as was already explained in the previous sentence. A marketplace allows you to purchase Axie from other gamers. But because of its rising popularity, Axie’s cost has increased.
The base price for one Axie is approximately 0.15 ETH, according to data from (USD 285). Additionally, you require ETH assets in your Ronin wallet in order to buy an Axie. You can obtain ETH in one of two methods.

Utilizing Ronin Bridge, add money to your Ronin wallet from your Ethereum wallet. Most gamers typically use a centralised exchange to make deposits or withdrawals through their MetaMask wallet.
The second method involves using the Ramp Network to purchase ETH on Ronin with fiat. However, not all nations have access to Ramp Network. Therefore, you must first determine whether your nation is on the distribution list.

How to Use Axie Marketplace to Sell Video Game Items

The procedure of selling Axie products on the Axie Marketplace will be discussed in the discussion that follows. The initial step is to connect your Ronin wallet and Axie Infinity account. You may access the “Inventory” menu option after the two are connected. The Axie that you want to sell next should be selected.
Later, you can decide whether to sell Axie for a fixed price or in an auction.

Fixed Price Selling
Setting a fixed price will cause Axie to be directly listed on the Axie Marketplace, which is how to sell it utilising the fixed pricing approach. The fixed price selling strategy is significantly simpler and more effective than valuations.

Auction Price Selling
You must choose the base price, closing price, and length of the bidding. For illustration, you might set the pricing for one day to start at 0.3 ETH and end at 0.5 ETH. It implies that your enrolled Axie will occasionally cost between 0.3 and 0.5 ETH every day.
The bidding process will terminate at the final cost you have chosen if no one bids on your Axie by the time it expires. As an option, you can keep at the same rate throughout or start it at a significantly higher or lower price. Additionally, you can change the length of time the bidding will only last. Click “Confirm” after selecting the selling category to add it to the Axie marketplace.

How to Cancel a Purchase on the Axie Marketplace

Those of you who purchased Axie for sale but ultimately opted to keep it. If nobody has purchased your Axie in a while, it’s possible that the selling price you stated was too expensive, and you wish to relist it at a lesser price.
By accessing your registered Axie and selecting the “Cancel Selling” button, you can cancel it.
You’ll get a prompt in Ronin asking you to stop the purchase. To finalize the cancellation, click “Confirm.”

The Potential of Axie Infinity

Play-to-Earn, a novel Blockchain concept invented by Axie Infinity, has proven that this industry may bring in millions of dollars in revenue for users. Everyone needs money, so a large number of individuals have dedicated so much time to this game. As a consequence, this sector has the ability to grow significantly and can become a great investment pattern.
The entire gambling sector is flourishing. As per Newzoo research, this industry might reach $200 billion with 3 billion members by 2023 if the typical growth rate continues. There is still a lot of room for growth given that the total current capitalisation of the Blockchain gaming sector is only around $5 billion.

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