12 Anime NFT Themed Projects 2022

by Adrian
12 Anime NFT Themed Projects

“Anime” is the Japanese word for “animation.” In English, it alludes to Japanese animated entertainment. The anime-metaverse space is a developing one with a strong potential, particularly in terms of NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Dedicated anime enthusiasts experiment in the developing digital world by developing projects with characters derived from anime.

Anime NFT collectors are becoming known in the NFT community, particularly on Twitter, where various anime-related works attract attention because of their distinctive and entertaining perspectives. The most well-known anime NFT are listed below.

List of Anime NFT Themed Projects

1. Azuki 

Azuki is the project that has come to characterize the modern anime NFT craze, which 0N1 Force initially initiated. These cartoon NFTs combine a retro Japanese aesthetic with a pop cultural flair. Each PFP and character in the Azuki collection has a unique set of characteristics and a unique narrative.

Azuki debuted in January 2022. Its floor price at the time of writing is a staggering 23.9 ETH. Azuki has, more than merely been a blue-chip, likely had the fastest ascent to this position of any NFT collection to date. Azuki begins with a collection of 10,000 avatars that grant you access to The Garden, a community of web3 enthusiasts, artists, and builders who come together to build a decentralised future.

2. Haki 

Every One Piece fan is aware of the reference to Haki. So both otakus and weebs would find interest in an NFT place based on this idea. A collection of 5,000 distinctively illustrated anime NFTs is available at Haki NFT. Haki NFT offers the digital market more than just “NFTs.” Holders of Haki NFT can also take advantage of additional perks available only to community members, such as NFT airdrops, gorgeous streetwear, live events, and more.

If you’re an otaku who loves NFT and One Piece, check out what Haki NFT has to offer. Its current floor price is 0.075 Eth.

3. Karafuru 

Karafuru has possibly the most distinctive appearance of all the NFTs on this list, and it too is inspired by Japanese cartoons. The other anime NFT have a more traditional aesthetic, but Karafuru has a wildly colourful, rounded, and playful style thanks to the incredibly gifted artist WD.WILLY.

Since the collection’s inception earlier this year, 5,555 NFTs have been added, which is a really astounding number. Karafuru may not make the cut for pure blue chips, but with a current floor price of 2.94 ETH and a balanced holder distribution, it has a place among the best anime NFTs of the moment.

4.Akuma Origins 

Another anime NFT collection with a style that differs slightly from some of the others in this class is Akuma. In terms of characteristics and general appearance, it does follow the example of earlier anime NFT collections. The collection stands out among other anime NFTs due to its illustration style, which is reminiscent of a blend of Gorillaz and Naruto.

At the start of April, this collection of 5,555 anime NFT was on sale. The collection floor price is currently 0.47 ETH. Numerous NFT collectors would find the set of vibrant alien-like avatars and anime touchpoints appealing. 

5. Kiwami 

A more recent anime NFT to this list is Kiwami. The crew behind this cartoon NFT is actually from Japan, and it debuted in March on the Ethereum blockchain. They are a “collection of 10,000 avatars for a next-generation community of artists, builders, and rule-breakers,” according to their OpenSea page. They undoubtedly produce some slick and fashionable anime NFT PFPs.

Additionally, the initiative is using a strategic method of collection. Along with tangible merchandise, a Kiwami DAO will serve as the project’s bank. At the time of writing, the collection’s floor price on OpenSea is 0.24 ETH.

6. Hikari 

The “Home of Misfits,” Hikari NFTs, combines a sophisticated anime aesthetic with a rich backstory and a weighty narrative. The collection was created by the two teams Chainlink and Jeez and was released on April 11th, roughly one week ago.

The Hikari roadmap, which the team refers to as its “Manuscript,” contains a lot of intriguing projects. In reality, among other things, the anime NFT collection aims to deliver on a comic book, streetwear, and a Hikari MOBA game. 

7. Shonen Junk

An anime NFT collection with impressive credentials is called Shonen Junk. To be clear, James Lin, the software engineer behind Shonen Junk, is also one of the creators of Crunchyroll. For those who don’t know, Crunchyroll is a significant North American distributor of anime and manga content. In factCrunchyroll unquestionably plays a significant role in the rise in popularity of anime in the US.

Not to mention that the collection’s creators have contributed to some of the most well-known anime franchises ever. Holders of Shonen Junk will have access to upcoming NFT collections from this brilliant team in addition to being able to display some neat, well-designed PFPs.

8. Otaku Origins 

Otaku Origins is an anime NFT paradise. The NFT in Otaku Origins are produced by a special algorithm that offers anime NFT with one of the more than 200 distinctive qualities found in the eight different categories of the extensive NFT collection. Additionally, the NFTs give their owners access to the Metaverse, providing an excellent foundation for aspiring authors and artists in the anime industry.

Manga, anime, and comic book creators in the NFT sector can get the unique right to incorporate their Otaku NFT characters with their works. Both fans of anime and NFT will enjoy it there.

9. Killer GF

Another anime NFT line that is dominating the NFT market is Killer GF. 7,800 hand-drawn female characters, primarily “girlfriends” who are also assassins, are present in the game Killer GF. Zeronis, the artist in charge of this collection, previously worked on “Riot Games,” a well-known video game brand. He was able to produce a collection of eye-catching avatars with over 4,000 owners by applying his artistic talents to the NFT environment.

One of the few anime-focused collections with devoted holders, the similarity of the beautifully created avatars drew a sizable number of anime fans to the NFT area.

10. Lives of Asuna

Lives of Asuna is a fascinating anime-related environment that features NFTs based on illustrations that eerily resemble anime characters. There are currently around 5,000 owners and about 10,000 Non Fungible Tokens in the NFT market that Zumi and Hagglefish built. The hand-drawn nature of each figure in the world with fantasy features is what distinguishes Lives of Asuna.

Additionally, anime NFT collectors can alter their appearance utilising unique things after acquiring stuff from Lives of Asuna. As a result, Lives of Asuna has an incredible collection for anime fans with an interest in the NFT sector.

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