All About Mad Dog Jones

by Rohan

Mad Dog Jones is a Canadian based digital artist and NFT creator. Mad Dog Jones real name is Michah Dowbak. He was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario. And still lives there. He was originally a musician but now primarily creates digital art. Mad Dog Jones is the most famous, established and expensive Canadian digital artist in the NFT world. He is known for selling NFT for $4.1 million to Phillips. 

Who is Mad Dog Jones ?

Michah Dowbak aka Mad Dog Jones made his name as a top digital artist in the NFT world. The artist spent a lot of his time in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He likes to spend his time close to nature and on the shores of Lake Superior. Michah has always been interested in the arts and at the tender age of five, he started playing the violin. He Started his career as a musician. He started Creating album covers and posters for bands. He developed most of his creative style while working on this kind of thing. 

His father, who was also a singer and expert in stained glass, built their home, which is entirely heated by wood, even in the cold.

Michah’s father had taught him many different color principles when he was a small child by making stained-glass windows. After finishing college he followed his DJ Passion for two years. After his Dj and percussionist gig on a musical tour came to an end, he started the Mad Dog Jones Instagram account in 2017. After that Michah had devoted all of his attention at that moment to producing art.

Mad Dog Jones Art Career

Mad Dog Jones is a very gifted artist who works in a number of genres. He is well renowned for his precise, futuristic artwork, most of it is inspired by the metropolis of Tokyo, but he is also well known for works like REPLICATOR. His art frequently draws inspiration from nature and sci-fi films as well as Japanese animation. He currently has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, which is the platform that helped him develop his brand.

He sold an NFT for $4.1 million to Phillips. The sale was a first of its kind for the auction house, which primarily specialises in more traditional forms of modern art. The first day of the auction saw bids reach $2.4 million, but a last-minute surge increased the sale price to over twice that amount. The buyer, an unidentified newcomer to the art market, paid millions in ETH. He always had a specific vision for creating a particular piece. 

Mad Dog Jones REPLICATOR Project

Mad Dog Jones started the REPLICATOR Project. He brings innovation to the NFT world by making the REPLICATOR Project. It’s totally something new that hasn’t been done by anyone, and it shows the potential of advanced technology of the NFT blockchain. 

Every 28 days, the REPLICATOR NFT project creates new artwork. Up to generation seven, the initial NFT generation will continue to manufacture six new NFTs, with each of the six manufacturing five units similar to a photocopier. There could be three jams per production line, which would prevent the replicator from moving down to the line like a photocopier.

The project was created to look like the duplicating of something using a photocopy. The concept was developed using an algorithmic generator with no knowledge of jams. Because of statistical uncertainty, it is hard to predict which generation and where along the production line NFTs will jam or stop producing new NFTs.

Software Used by Mad Dog Jones

Mad Dog Jones often starts his work from photographs or hand drawings. He is extremely talented. His art style is extremely detailed. He basically made art of urban areas such as buildings, street signs or traffic pylons which he then edited through collage, illustrating, coloring and then combined into a cyberpunk scene on his iPad.

He uses an iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil, Savage Interactive’s Procreate, Adobe Photoshop and Adobes’ Premiere. He focuses on shape and color and often spends multiple hours playing with different techniques like hue shifting and using different colors. His hard work and attractive art style made his name in the NFT art world. 

Each NFT had a different story in it. This makes every NFT different from one another and unique in nature. 

These are the some NFT made by him :

Mad Dog Jones Net Worth

Since net worth is a very private matter, it is not made available to the general public. Mad Dog Jones’s net worth is estimated to be over $19 million USD. This is difficult to predict, and it will probably rise given the press Mad Dog Jones is currently receiving.

Although technically only one piece of art, REPLICATOR, which sold for $4.1 million, was one of the artist’s notable sales. The project has the potential to create 19 pieces of art in total.


This is everything about Mad Dog Jones. He is a marvel in the field of digital art, and each of his sales has generated enormous profits. NFT has opened the new age for the artist with high level advanced technology and has changed how so many people used to see the art world and artworks. It changed and grew the modern and digital art world. Many artists and digital artists like Mad Dog Jones, are going to be known by the world due to the growth of NFT .

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