10 Discord NFT Alpha Groups In 2022

by Rohan

A community is an essential part of NFTs, regardless of your status as an enthusiast, artist, collector, or reseller.

We can provide you with information about the top discord NFT Alpha groups. Each group on this list has distinctive qualities that make it the best choice for various groups within the community, from investors and projects to artists and developers.

What is a Discord NFT Alpha Groups?

NFT Alpha groups are NFT Discord servers that provide privileged access to vital information on almost all areas of the NFT market.

Being a part of such a community gives you an advantage. By exchanging useful, insider knowledge about NFTs, you may learn from others, make wise purchasing selections, and stay updated on the choices of major collectors. We’ve made a list of 10 discord NFT alpha Groups in 2022.

1. Dark Echelon

Dark Echelon is a set of 1098 general and genesis pieces that are generated programmatically and live on the Ethereum Blockchain. There are so many benefits to joining this discord NFT group.

This discord NFT group provides benefits like :-

  • Access to ZenTask.
  • Access to custom in-built FOMO alert.
  • Use of an in-built Discord wallet tracker.
  • Use of custom in-built Discord market analytical tools.
  • Daily analysis, discussions, and reviews.
  • The Automated Contract Minter and secondary auto-buy sniper.
  • Whitelist allocations to big projects.
  • Sophisticated NFT rarity , quick buy and portfolio tracker extension.

However, you can only actually get these benefits by owning a Dark Echelon NFT.

2. Camps Only

Champs Only another discord NFT Alpha group with several advantages . The group sells 1444 Champs Only passes that provide you a year’s worth of access to NFT Discord servers and a variety of NFT-related tools and services that will expand your understanding.

This discord NFT group provides benefits like :-

  • Advanced integrated NFT tools.
  • Real-time mint alerts.
  • Smart money trade trackers.
  • Whale wallet trackers.
  • Listing bots.
  • Whitelist spots on big upcoming projects.
  • NFT-related market information in real-time.

3. NFT Alpha Club

Blockchain Brown, who provides a variety of course, programmes, sponsors the NFT Alpha Club. Users can learn how NFTs operate, how to make a wallet, and how to buy and trade NFTs from the group.

This discord NFT group provides benefits like :-

  • A weekly mastermind session
  • Alpha Calendar access, a tool that provides the top ten NFT projects each month.
  • Gain access to the NFT Alpha whitelist.
  • Possibilities to participate in referral programmes and virtual real estate programmes.

4. Plug Pass

A virtual NFT plug is Plug Pass.You are given access to the Kosher Crew, a private NFT Discord server, after you acquire the pass. There are 969 passes available for minting, which means 969 chances to benefit from the benefits.

This discord NFT group provides benefits like :-

  • Daily mint schedule.
  • Custom NFT guides.
  • Discord analysis & live market updates.
  • Insider team trades.
  • Track listings & sales.
  • Expert calls on Crypto trading & NFT.
  • Whitelist access to big upcoming projects.

5.The A-list

NFT Alpha group The A-List was established by NFT trader and enthusiast @SkiddilyNFT. The group’s main goal is to demonstrate value to its members from an analytical standpoint.

This discord NFT group provides benefits like :-

  • Alpha calls relating to NFT.
  • Whitelist raffles and giveaways.
  • A variety of Discord online tools.
  • Reviews and advice for projects.
  • A great place for trazeders to learn and develop.

6. Zerk Pass

Zerk Pass is a group of 333 genesis. A Zerk Pass grants you unique access to NFT Discord servers hosted by NFT Zerk and his staff, as well as a number of other advantages.

This discord NFT group provides benefits like :-

  • They have a global network of Alpha call channels.
  • VC calls on a regular basis to discuss general market news.
  • Whitelist raffles and giveaways.
  • Exclusive NFT trading tools.

7. Double Agents

Double Agents is a free NFT Alpha group that does not require any prior minting. If you’re just getting started with NFT, this is a great place to start. To join NFT Discord servers and take use of its benefits, you might not be prepared to mint an NFT. This way, you may learn more about it without making any real cryptocurrency commitments! .

This discord NFT group provides benefits like :-

  • It’s completely free! .
  • Whitelist positions on major forthcoming projects.
  • Participate in NFT giveaways to win whitelist positions.
  • Conference calls to discuss plans and initiatives.
  • Discounts on several online NFT tools.

8. NFT Nato Alpha Pass

A NFT collector named Nato was offering Alpha for free on YouTube. He created a paid NFT Alpha group as his fame grew. Overall, this group has a solid reputation and prioritises knowledge development and financial security over hopping from project to project.

You can receive calls concerning NFTs from NATO and the group researchers if you have Platinum membership.

This discord NFT group provides benefits like :-

  • Access to future NATO NFT sets.
  • Announcements and private community chat.
  • NFT-only videos.
  • Early access to partner NFT projects.

9. BellaGio Alpha Group

BellaGio Alpha group was created by @Chiau_eth. He wanted to gather like-minded NFT flippers. The group is open to everyone, however you can subscribe if you want VIP perks.

This discord NFT group provides benefits like :-

  • NFT tool use and sharing to aid in investment.
  • Whitelist giveaways and raffles are guaranteed thanks to a new method that ensures all VIPs win before the pool is reset.
  • Voting-based VIP DAO formation.
  • Weekly livestream training/AMA on Sunday.
  • Newsletter summary of the NFT market.
  • Future whitelist for NFT projects.

10. NFT Caviar

NFT Caviar is a less-known and more fascinating Alpha group. Despite its promises to be among the best organizations you can join, nothing is known about it. However, it does have exclusive requirements for entry and an NFT newsletter.


These are some of the suggestions for Discord NFT Alpha groups in 2022, although there are others as well. Joining numerous Alpha groups can rapidly become overwhelming, so it’s important to focus on the ones that best suit your requirements and objectives.

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